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Tannenbaum Gone

The Jets fired GM Tannenbaum. Woohoo!! That’s just the beginning.

Has there been a more dysfunctional team in the NFL over the past couple of seasons than the NY Jets? That’s a rhetorical question, because the answer is a resounding no. This franchise really has had no idea what it wants to do. The claim to be a ground and pound team, but they do not have a serviceable running back. The Jets have a defense first mentality, yet their defense seemed rather porous all season. (To stick up for the defense, the amount of turnovers committed by the offense inflated the statistics given up by this unit). You had a front office who was not on the same page with the head coach, an owner who only seems to care about making the front page of the newspapers, and a quarterback who seems to be regressing with each passing game.

The first two years of Rex Ryan’s Tenure the Jets did have a great defense. And yes, Sanchez won four playoff games. But both those years, Sanchez had a very good running game behind him. Without either of those, Sanchez has looked absolutely terrible. People will defend him saying he had no one to through to. This may be true. But he did plenty on his own to make himself look like crap. Sanchez needs to go. Shonn Greene has been pedestrian at best since becoming the Jets featured back. He was a good number two back, somewhat in the mold of Lamont Jordan, but can’t cut the mustard by himself. In the offseason the Jets only two real offensive additions were Stephen Hill, a wide receiver who can’t catch, and Tim Tebow, the most polarizing figure maybe in American sports who can’t play his position. Good job guys. Hill was their second round pick, and they gave up a fourth and a seventh for Tebow.

The Jets needed a free safety in the offseason because Eric Smith is hot garbage. So what did they do? They sign Yerimiah (don’t care if I spelled the name wrong) Bell and Laron Landry. BOTH OF THEM ARE STRONG SAFETIES!! Laron Landry can hit, but he’s a liability in coverage, and Bell is ok. Their outside linebackers have been subpar (age may be a factor there), and Bart Scott is not what he used to be.

To the best of my understanding Tannenbaum was making the personnel decisions and should be culpable for them. Firing him was the right move, but many more need to be made for this franchise not to be a laughing stock anymore.

Correction Yeremiah, and 4th and sixth for Tebow.

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