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East Coast Balco Scandal

So as many of you may have already heard, the Miami New Times has just posted an article about reports of an “anti-aging” clinic in Miami selling PEDs to known players. Some of the bigger names include, Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera, Gio Gonzalez, and Yankee Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Now I’m not going to go in and describe the article, because you all can go read it yourself.  I’m also not going to argue whether or not PEDs should be allowed in baseball.  This article is based on the fact that they are currently not allowed.  Instead I’m going to talk about how stupid these players are, and how stupid they think the MLB and Fans are.

Now I’m going to give a quick rundown of the four players.  First I’m going to assume these reports are related to Melky Cabrera’s positive test last year, and that he’s not a repeat offender.  Melky was the Yankees essentially fourth oufielder when he was there, known for a decent average, but being a plus defender with a rocket arm.  He had the talent to start.  And this year he showed it… however he way outperformed his talent level from previous years, batting champion til his suspension with a lot more power than I recall when he was a yankee.  Red flags MLB probably picked up on leading to his suspension.

Colon was an ace pitcher in his hayday. However he had fallen off in recent years.  A couple of years ago he had a come back year with the Yankees in a year where the Bombers couldn’t keep their pitchers healthy, and it earned him a new contract with oakland.  However pitchers past their prime don’t just suddenly get their stuff back.  I said awhile back Colon is taking something and I was right.

The only way I can explain A-Rod however is that he is a “Manny Ramirez” kind of stupid.  You already got caught once, and got a slap on the wrist and a 300million dollar contract with the Yankees (notice a pattern here?). And he goes out and gets caught again. I get he wanted to pass Bonds HR record, and he’s seriously dropped off and needed a boost.  But think about this.  If suspended for 50 games, the Yankees won’t need to pay him for almost 1/3rd of the season.  Saving them between 8-10million dollars.  They might be under the luxury tax this year after all.

Now finally Gio Gonzalez.  One of the top 3 pitchers on my Fantasy Baseball keeper league along with Ian Kennedy and RA Dickey.  If you get suspended for 50 games for this you seriously hurt my chances of winning this year. Let alone the chances of the Nationals repeating in the NL East not that the Braves have the Upton brothers patrolling their OF.

~written by JM

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Lance Armstrong Scumbag of the Year

Lance Armstrong used to be the subject of one of the feel good stories in all of sports, not just in this country, but around the world. His battle with cancer, his multiple Tour de France championships, and his foundation which helped raise money for cancer, all made him extremely likeable. There were even debates in the media about whether he could be considered one of the greatest athletes of all time. Then the steroid allegations came…..

Honestly I really could care less about him taking steroids. Quite frankly, I really could care less which athletes take steroids. Hell hitting a ball to the warning track never sold out any stadiums. But when he Lance was accused, he apparently took down many people who accused him of taking PED’s. a woman had such a giant lawsuit that she actually went bankrupt.

If these allegations were false it would be one thing, but the weren’t. The fact that there were threats, lawsuits, and other things of this nature, makes him a pretty awful person. Like I said, don’t care if athletes take PED’s, but this man is kind of an asshole.


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Empty Hall of Fame class…

Well as everyone should know, the MLB hall of fame voting results will be released next week. The BBWAA members vote on a certain number of players to be voted in, so long as they meet a certain number of requirements. Basically, a player must have been active sometime between 20 years ago and 5 years ago, played at least 10 regular seasons, retired at least 5 years ago, and not be illegible (Sorry Pete Rose).

There is the Clemente rule, where if an active or player who has retired in less than 5 years dies, he is eligible on the next ballot. Which is how Roberto Clemente was elected.

Anywho each writer allowed to vote can vote for 0-10 members who are eligible, if a player gets less than 5% of the votes, he won’t be on the ballot next year, if he gets at least 75% of the vote he goes to Cooperstown. Pretty simple, except for the fact that this election includes players from the “Steroid Era” and voters aren’t sure on whether or not to elect them.

According to an article on, they researched exit polls of about 15% of the total voters, and noone has 75%. Granted polls can change, but this class is pretty stacked, it’s hard to imagine some of these players not being elected Hall of Famers. Three players i assumed were Shoe-in’s are just under the 75% mark. These players were never PROVEN to have taken performance enhancing drugs, though some were suspected.

Craig Biggio is the closest to the 75% mark with 71.4% of poll takers, his longtime teammate Jeff Bagwell is right behind him at 69%, and one of my favorite players, Mike Piazza ranks third with 65.4%.

Now I’m not arguing about steroid users being allowed in. Both Bonds and Clemens are at 46.4%, so the writers are split. But none of the three players, Biggio, Bagwell, or Piazza were ever named in any reports accusing them of taking steroids. And any baseball fan I’m sure agrees those three players were defining players of the 90’s and early 2000’s. While none of them may get into the Hall this year, I’m sure someday soon they will all be elected. (And Piazza better be wearing a Mets cap)

~Written by JM

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