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Quentin Tarantino and Christoph Waltz at it Again

Is there a filmaker with a more unique, crazy, and vivid style than Mr.Tarantino? No, there is not. He is someone who does not seem to care. Tarantino made his mark on cinema history when Resevoir Dogs came out, but  rose to fame when Pulp Fiction  came out. A motif found in a Tarantino film are flashbacks, and non-linear story telling. If you look at a film like Pulp Ficition, then you look at a film like the Kill Bills, they are two very different films, with very different styles. However, both have the Tarantino flavor to them.

Inglorious Basterds is my personal favorite Tarantino movie, and it felt different than almost any other movie he made. It was more linear than most of his other works, except for some flashback sequences, and he basically rewrote history having Hitler die in a movie theater. This movie (I believe) is also the first time Tarantino worked with Christoph Waltz. Wow was Waltz good in this movie portraying Col. Hans Landa, a Nazi officer responsible for hunting down Jewish people in Europe. Waltz and Tarantino felt like a match made in Heaven when watching this movie, and Django Unchained only supports this argument.

If it’s possible, Waltz out did his performance in Inglorious Basterds. Waltz played Dr. King Shultz, a German bounty hunter covering his tracks by appearing to be a dentist. There were strong performances all around in this movie, but Waltz stole the show.


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Daniel Day-Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the greatest actors of today. Every movie he does he wins an award… More often than not, he’s nominated for or wins the Oscar for best actor. He’s only done 20 Movies in his life, yet he won the Academy Award for Best Actor TWICE, that’s 10% of his movies… He was also nominated another 2 times, but didn’t win. Meaning in One out of every Five of his movies, he was nominated for an Oscar. And lets face it the first few movies he wasn’t the main character, so he had no chance for the award to begin with…

Amazing movies he’s done include, The Last of the Mohicans, In the name of the Father, Gangs of New York, There will be Blood, and most recently… Lincoln…

I haven’t seen any of his other movies, namely My Left Foot or Nine, but I’m sure without a doubt they are amazing.

Frankly its amazing how frequently he’s put up for awards now a days… He may only act in a handful of movies but in recent years, None of them flopped. I mean honestly, I’m sure he’s approached with film makers wanting him to act in their films ALL THE TIME, but after acting for over 30 years he’s only appeared in 20 films… He just doesn’t act in bad movies. If you are casting an older lead for a movie, run the idea by Day-Lewis because if he green lights it, and agrees to be a part of it, then you my friend have a possible Academy Award winning movie.

As I bring that up, I kind of wonder if he ever passed over an Academy Award winner just because he’s so picky on what movie he chooses to be in. That’s something to think about right there.

I just looked into it real quick as I was writing this… He was considered for the Lead in Passion of the Christ, but further proof Mel Gibson’s crazy, he was passed over for looking “Too European.” Now Passion was a great movie, but imagine the difference if it were Day-Lewis not Jim Caviezel

~Written by JM

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Back……..Kristen Stewart is Still Terrible

The site is becoming operational again. I have been gone for quite some time, but have decided to start posting again. There will even be a new member to the team who you will hear from as well.

Since it’s been a while I decided to go back to my roots, and kick this reboot off with some Kristen Stewart bashing. Yup, she still is terrible, just like the title oh so subtly implies. Since I last posted, there has been a fair amount of news surrounding her. Whether it was the ending of the abysmal Twilight movie franchise, or her illicit affair (or possibly affairs, quite frankly I don’t care enough to0 look that garbage up), she has plagued the media with her venomous screen presence. On top of all of those things, she’s horrible in an interview. Watch the interview Kelly and Michael did with her if you don’t believe me.

It’s good to be back =).

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Star Wars 3D Campaign

I suppose it was inevitable that George Lucas would find another excuse to re-release his films, in a new and “improved” way. All the problems with the prequel trilogy will now be seen in 3D. This truly, and I mean truly will add o so much to the product of these movies. Hasn’t Lucas made enough money? Hasn’t he exploited these stories, and toyed with the fans enough. A major plus would be to remove Jar Jar Binks completely for these editions, but I digress, this will not happen.

We get to experience the contrived plots, the underdeveloped characters, the campy acting, and the severe plot holes of the prequel trilogy, in 3D. I wonder if the 3D effect will make the tension between Anakin as a child, and Padme feel any less gross and awkward. Oh, that’s right, I forgot, the pod racing scene will be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or not. Maybe C 3P0’s wires in episode 1 will show better, or Greedo’s random appearance will be more appealing, in 3D.

Will the 3D effects make Hayden Christensen a better actor? No. He still ruined the transformation into Darth Vader, and no 3D cheap effect will change this. Or how about masking one of the least believable love stories, forming from constant whining, and failure to emote on Christensen’s part? No.

The 3D effect will add absolutely nothing to this series, and it just proves what a greedy man George Lucas is. Of course, people will see these movies in theaters, completely justifying Lucas re-releasing these films in the aforementioned format.

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Kristen Stewart is Now Ruining Our Fairy Tales;D’s Thoughts’

The upcoming movie, Snow White and the Huntsman, seems to be a bit of different from the traditional story the masses have grown accustomed to. Apparently in this upcoming film, Snow White is actually taught how to fight by the hunter sent to kill her. Supposedly the character changes throughout the movie, and becomes less frail, even starting her own rebellion against the well-known “Evil Queen” character. This premise is both an engaging and compelling twist to the traditional story told, because the Snow White character typically has been the flat, one-dimensional fairy tale princess, who needs prince charming to rescue her. I personally would see this movie in theaters based on the premise alone.

Then I found out who was cast as the lead, Kristen Stewart. It is still mind-boggling to me why she gets work outside of the Twilight universe, but here she is, with another apparent big budget summer release. The Snow White character in this is going to have to undergo a character change, one which Kristen Stewart will not pull off.  She can not deliver a line, she looks completely bland, she has no facial expressions; and in scenes when she is supposed to emote, it comes off as completely fake and unbelievable. No, I am not basing this on the horrible Twilight series, but on movies such as Zathura and Adventureland as well.

I am convinced there is a contest going to see who can ruin more movies between her and Hayden Christensen (who I will address further in another entry). It’s laughable as well, that Charlize Theron is playing the Evil Queen, and Kristen Stewart is supposed to be “fairer” than her. Kristen Stewart should just remain with the character as terrible as her, and play Bella Swann for eternity.

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The Unstoppable Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage has been in many terrible movies, and shows no signs of stopping. There was “Season of the Nicholas Cage”, “National Nicholas Cage”, “National Nicholas Cage 2:  The Book of Nicholas Cages,” “Gone in 60 Nicholas Cages,” and many more. Instead of labeling the man’s acting as atrocious it truly boggles the mind as to why Nicholas Cage continues to get work.  It begs the question “How does it happen that NC gets two or more bad movies a year? Sometimes even triples?”  It’s almost like he has some kind of deal with the Devil?

Now to the newest addition attached to the Cage career Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. I know the film hasn’t come out yet, but it’s a movie that just shouldn’t be. The first film was riddled with poor writing, poor direction, and poor acting, (with the exceptions of Peter Fonda and Sam Elliot), while the box office take only barely surpassed its budget.  Now to be fair I’m sure the effects will be appealing much like our female lead Eva Mendez. Is that enough for the movie to be good? NO! Just ask Jonah Hex and Megan Fox. The formula of pretty girl plus nice explosions does not overcome bad writing. It worked in the 80’s, but now money has to be put into the script if you want a movie to work. Give the poor writer’s a pay bump with the money saved on one less CGI chase scene.

Now even if it was a good idea to make a second Ghost Rider movie, and I’m not saying it is, why for the sake of all that is holy would you stick with Nicholas Cage? I suppose the role of carnie moron does scream out Nicholas Cage’s name, but like all of the after school specials of the 90’s taught us, just because something’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right.  Recall for a moment the scene where the character was doing research on the occult, and began by channeling man’s natural affinity to fire. This screams “deep and character building scene” where the tortured Johnny Blaze comes to accept his new powers through research, depth training, and meditation. What we got was Nicholas Cage being himself and goofily speaking to his hand. No character arc, no development, just Nicholas Cage. When will the madness stop? When will the tyrannical rule Nicholas Cage has on the movie channels be put to a much needed end? Sadly it may never end.  Now my analysis is only based on what I know from a long period of exposure to Nicholas Cage’s bad movies. Who knows he might pull a performance closer to the caliber of acting in Kick Ass, and the movie could be good, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

-DM Guest Blogger

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Ryan Reynolds and the Superflops

Hollywood studios fell in love with comic books quite some time ago, and why shouldn’t they be in love with them? Comic books are premises that are already written to a certain degree, and already have a preexisting fan base. In fact, some of the fan favorites like Superman and Batman are almost a license to print money.  So then how is it possible for any studio to screw up what is basically a no brainer?

Well it boils down to two groups of people, the writers and the actors.  However, this is not to discredit or excuse everyone else who helps make movies a reality, but for me if a movie (and specifically a comic book movie) is a flop, you only have the writers and actors to blame. That being said, a serial offender is Ryan Reynolds.   Ryan is not a bad person (depending on which Hollywood access show you watch), but he managed to ruin not one, but two comic book icons.

The first was Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now it might not be fair to call him a “comic book icon,” but in recent years Deadpool gained a large fan base, and that was actually one of the reasons Ryan was given the role. The studio felt that a character that was gaining a fan base needed a big name. However, the film was a tremendous flop, and the “big name” performance that was promised was short and disappointing. To be fair to Ryan, he was a victim of bad writing,  as in the writer must have said to himself “Deadpool? Who is that? Is that the guy with eye beams? Well he is now,” but a certain amount of accountability is required from a big name actor. I wouldn’t be so angry about this if Reynolds had tried to make the character his own instead of treating the role like a quick paycheck. The voice actor from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had more fun with the character, making it his own even with most of his lines consisting of “yahoo!” and is not the major payoff of the plot.

In the Green Lantern, Ryan plays the lead role of Hal Jordan. An odd choice considering he couldn’t manage being a likable side character, I can only guess the idea was that if he was the lead then he might actually care about the role.  Sadly that was not the case. Again we can blame the writers for boring us through 2 hours with poor payoffs, and a SLOW developing plot. However, if it happens twice Ry, it might just be you! Just like in X-men, I got the feeling Reynolds was phoning it in for a quick buck, and was not invested in the character or the project at all. It showed a lot as we get one liners delivered in an awkward way.

DM-Guest blogger

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