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Daniel Day-Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the greatest actors of today. Every movie he does he wins an award… More often than not, he’s nominated for or wins the Oscar for best actor. He’s only done 20 Movies in his life, yet he won the Academy Award for Best Actor TWICE, that’s 10% of his movies… He was also nominated another 2 times, but didn’t win. Meaning in One out of every Five of his movies, he was nominated for an Oscar. And lets face it the first few movies he wasn’t the main character, so he had no chance for the award to begin with…

Amazing movies he’s done include, The Last of the Mohicans, In the name of the Father, Gangs of New York, There will be Blood, and most recently… Lincoln…

I haven’t seen any of his other movies, namely My Left Foot or Nine, but I’m sure without a doubt they are amazing.

Frankly its amazing how frequently he’s put up for awards now a days… He may only act in a handful of movies but in recent years, None of them flopped. I mean honestly, I’m sure he’s approached with film makers wanting him to act in their films ALL THE TIME, but after acting for over 30 years he’s only appeared in 20 films… He just doesn’t act in bad movies. If you are casting an older lead for a movie, run the idea by Day-Lewis because if he green lights it, and agrees to be a part of it, then you my friend have a possible Academy Award winning movie.

As I bring that up, I kind of wonder if he ever passed over an Academy Award winner just because he’s so picky on what movie he chooses to be in. That’s something to think about right there.

I just looked into it real quick as I was writing this… He was considered for the Lead in Passion of the Christ, but further proof Mel Gibson’s crazy, he was passed over for looking “Too European.” Now Passion was a great movie, but imagine the difference if it were Day-Lewis not Jim Caviezel

~Written by JM

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