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Hall of Fame Snubs…

I know I posted about this before, but I’m reposting it because I’m pissed.  For the first time since 1996, the MLB BBWAA elected NOONE to the Hall of Fame.  Now I know this is a controversial ballot, because A) It’s stacked, and B) It’s one of the first true “Steroid Era” ballots.  Clemens and Bonds were on this ballot and each received 36%.  Biggio Bagwell and Piazza recieved 68%, 59% and 58% respectively.  A player needs 75% and isn’t kicked off unless receiving less than 5%.

I’m going to start by complaining about how STUPID writers in the BBWAA can be.  1 writer voted that Aaron Sele should be in the Hall of Fame.  Do you remember him, because I didn’t and he was a Met for a year.  1 Person actually put on his ballot, that this Journeyman pitcher with a W-L record of 148-112, an ERA of 4.61 and 1,407 K’s should be heading up to Cooperstown.  Other ridiculous vote getters include Shawn Green who beside’s hitting 4 Home Runs in one game had a pretty mediocre career, yeah he had some strong power seasons, but who didn’t at during those years.   Julio Franco who proved that at the age of 49 you can still be an average pinch hitter.  Yeah that’s cool but not Hall of Fame worthy.

Yet the All Star at C and 2B while also playing CF for years with 3000 hits 400SB’s and almost 300HRs isn’t worthy, a ex ROY, ex MVP .297 hitter with 449 HR’s isn’t worthy, and a Catcher who hit .308 with 427 Homeruns and a 12x All Star isn’t worthy.

I get it, the suspicion of steroids holds back alot of voters, but in my opinion the MLB Hall of Fame has 2 options to deal with the Steroid Era.

1) Either do not allow anyone where there is PROOF that steroids was used.  Proof includes, but is not limited too, being named in the Mitchell Report, a failed test and or suspension, an admission of use, or any other sort of concrete evidence


2) Assume everyone was on steroids.  Therefore the playing field was level, and guess what, the defining players of that Era should still be recognized for what they did and allowed into the Hall of Fame.

Personally I don’t want Bonds or Clemens in, which is why I’m in favor of the first one, but honestly, if allowing players who admitted or its been proven they were on Steroids in means that players who “Might have been but we aren’t sure” are allowed in then that’s fine.  I mean honestly some of the players who were named to be on steroids still didnt BECOME hall of famers.  Jeremy Giambi for one, Matt Franco, Todd Pratt,  plus a ton of other No-Names, or One Year Wonders.

We all knew this Era was coming, but its re-god-dam-diculous that pure suspicion is preventing players from getting into Cooperstown.  If players such as Biggio, Bagwell and Piazza don’t get in, I’m saying that players such as Jeter not be allowed in also.  Yes that would be a travesty, but Jeter was friends with Petitte and A-Rod… Maybe he used as well.  Being declared Guilty without proof, just by association, should go across the board for anyone who played in the 90’s-early 2000’s.

~Written by JM

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Empty Hall of Fame class…

Well as everyone should know, the MLB hall of fame voting results will be released next week. The BBWAA members vote on a certain number of players to be voted in, so long as they meet a certain number of requirements. Basically, a player must have been active sometime between 20 years ago and 5 years ago, played at least 10 regular seasons, retired at least 5 years ago, and not be illegible (Sorry Pete Rose).

There is the Clemente rule, where if an active or player who has retired in less than 5 years dies, he is eligible on the next ballot. Which is how Roberto Clemente was elected.

Anywho each writer allowed to vote can vote for 0-10 members who are eligible, if a player gets less than 5% of the votes, he won’t be on the ballot next year, if he gets at least 75% of the vote he goes to Cooperstown. Pretty simple, except for the fact that this election includes players from the “Steroid Era” and voters aren’t sure on whether or not to elect them.

According to an article on, they researched exit polls of about 15% of the total voters, and noone has 75%. Granted polls can change, but this class is pretty stacked, it’s hard to imagine some of these players not being elected Hall of Famers. Three players i assumed were Shoe-in’s are just under the 75% mark. These players were never PROVEN to have taken performance enhancing drugs, though some were suspected.

Craig Biggio is the closest to the 75% mark with 71.4% of poll takers, his longtime teammate Jeff Bagwell is right behind him at 69%, and one of my favorite players, Mike Piazza ranks third with 65.4%.

Now I’m not arguing about steroid users being allowed in. Both Bonds and Clemens are at 46.4%, so the writers are split. But none of the three players, Biggio, Bagwell, or Piazza were ever named in any reports accusing them of taking steroids. And any baseball fan I’m sure agrees those three players were defining players of the 90’s and early 2000’s. While none of them may get into the Hall this year, I’m sure someday soon they will all be elected. (And Piazza better be wearing a Mets cap)

~Written by JM

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