Empty Hall of Fame class…

Well as everyone should know, the MLB hall of fame voting results will be released next week. The BBWAA members vote on a certain number of players to be voted in, so long as they meet a certain number of requirements. Basically, a player must have been active sometime between 20 years ago and 5 years ago, played at least 10 regular seasons, retired at least 5 years ago, and not be illegible (Sorry Pete Rose).

There is the Clemente rule, where if an active or player who has retired in less than 5 years dies, he is eligible on the next ballot. Which is how Roberto Clemente was elected.

Anywho each writer allowed to vote can vote for 0-10 members who are eligible, if a player gets less than 5% of the votes, he won’t be on the ballot next year, if he gets at least 75% of the vote he goes to Cooperstown. Pretty simple, except for the fact that this election includes players from the “Steroid Era” and voters aren’t sure on whether or not to elect them.

According to an article on deadspin.com, they researched exit polls of about 15% of the total voters, and noone has 75%. Granted polls can change, but this class is pretty stacked, it’s hard to imagine some of these players not being elected Hall of Famers. Three players i assumed were Shoe-in’s are just under the 75% mark. These players were never PROVEN to have taken performance enhancing drugs, though some were suspected.

Craig Biggio is the closest to the 75% mark with 71.4% of poll takers, his longtime teammate Jeff Bagwell is right behind him at 69%, and one of my favorite players, Mike Piazza ranks third with 65.4%.

Now I’m not arguing about steroid users being allowed in. Both Bonds and Clemens are at 46.4%, so the writers are split. But none of the three players, Biggio, Bagwell, or Piazza were ever named in any reports accusing them of taking steroids. And any baseball fan I’m sure agrees those three players were defining players of the 90’s and early 2000’s. While none of them may get into the Hall this year, I’m sure someday soon they will all be elected. (And Piazza better be wearing a Mets cap)

~Written by JM


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Ray Lewis Retiring

One of the greatest, most dominating figures in the NFL is retiring at the end of this season. Ray Lewis has been one of the most dominating and feared players in the game for 17 seasons while playing middle linebacker for the ravens for the entire duration. He has been the heart and soul of the best defense in the league over the past decade. Lewis was drafted in 1996 in the same round as Johnathan Ogden (talk about a good round) and has been a staple in that defense. His point is highly debatable, but for my money, Ray Lewis is the best defensive player to ever play the game. He led a team which was quarterbacked by Trent Dilfer. TRENT DILFER!!!

Although the year he was involved in controversy when he or his affiliates were allegedly involved in a murder. Still, on that Super Bowl run Ray was the main guy on that team, and truly its pulse. The past couple of seasons he has been injury prone though, and at 37 maybe it’s better to quit while he’s ahead. In five years we will be talking about Lewis again when he is elected into the football hall of fame. Maybe the Ravens have one last deep playoff run in them, letting Lewis go out on a high note.


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Quentin Tarantino and Christoph Waltz at it Again

Is there a filmaker with a more unique, crazy, and vivid style than Mr.Tarantino? No, there is not. He is someone who does not seem to care. Tarantino made his mark on cinema history when Resevoir Dogs came out, but  rose to fame when Pulp Fiction  came out. A motif found in a Tarantino film are flashbacks, and non-linear story telling. If you look at a film like Pulp Ficition, then you look at a film like the Kill Bills, they are two very different films, with very different styles. However, both have the Tarantino flavor to them.

Inglorious Basterds is my personal favorite Tarantino movie, and it felt different than almost any other movie he made. It was more linear than most of his other works, except for some flashback sequences, and he basically rewrote history having Hitler die in a movie theater. This movie (I believe) is also the first time Tarantino worked with Christoph Waltz. Wow was Waltz good in this movie portraying Col. Hans Landa, a Nazi officer responsible for hunting down Jewish people in Europe. Waltz and Tarantino felt like a match made in Heaven when watching this movie, and Django Unchained only supports this argument.

If it’s possible, Waltz out did his performance in Inglorious Basterds. Waltz played Dr. King Shultz, a German bounty hunter covering his tracks by appearing to be a dentist. There were strong performances all around in this movie, but Waltz stole the show.


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Bourn to Run

Happy New Year Everyone! I wanted to start the New Year blogging about something I love… Baseball, I know this is the height of football awareness. Playoff Pictures set. People are ranting and raving about their team that should have gotten in but choked (Cowboys and Giant fans that ones for you).

Anywho my point is, of the Top Free Agents left on the market, one definatly stands out as the best remaining… Michael Bourn. Great defensive Center Fielder, Stolen base machine, and really broke through as a hitter when he went to Atlanta in 2009. The question is, where will he go and for how much…

Texas Rangers will sign him. I don’t know how much he will get but I guarantee its to Texas.

How can I be so sure? Easy. It makes complete sense for both sides that Bourn goes to the Rangers. First of all Texas lost Hamilton to the Angels, So now the Angels not only have the best CF under 25 with Mike Trout, they have the best offensive CF with Josh Hamilton. Let me also add Angels took CJ Wilson from the Rangers last year. Along with Pujols, Trumbo, and Aybar. Their line up has as many names in it as the Dodgers. (Everyone knows Names don’t win Games however) Rangers also lost out on Greinke, and trading for Dickey. Their offseason has just been abysmal.

The Rangers OF currently looks like David Murphy, Nelson Cruz and Craig Gentry taking over for the departing Hamilton… Now you cant tell me Bourn isn’t an upgrade if Texas hopes to still compete and make the playoffs again. And with Texas’s continued success, and money saved on not signing Greinke or Hamilton, they have the money to get Bourn.

Bourn on the same note, is from Texas, Bourn was actually Born in Houston and attended The University of Houston. I’m sure he’d love to play in Arlington. He got his start for the Astros before he broke out with Atlanta, and now with the Astros in Texas’s division he’d love a chance to play Houston 12 times a year as bit of vengeance for trading him away.

Even though Bourn is a Boras client, which means he’s going where ever the money is, Texas has the money, Bourn has the reason and sentiment. I believe a deal gets done.

~Written by JM

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Daniel Day-Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the greatest actors of today. Every movie he does he wins an award… More often than not, he’s nominated for or wins the Oscar for best actor. He’s only done 20 Movies in his life, yet he won the Academy Award for Best Actor TWICE, that’s 10% of his movies… He was also nominated another 2 times, but didn’t win. Meaning in One out of every Five of his movies, he was nominated for an Oscar. And lets face it the first few movies he wasn’t the main character, so he had no chance for the award to begin with…

Amazing movies he’s done include, The Last of the Mohicans, In the name of the Father, Gangs of New York, There will be Blood, and most recently… Lincoln…

I haven’t seen any of his other movies, namely My Left Foot or Nine, but I’m sure without a doubt they are amazing.

Frankly its amazing how frequently he’s put up for awards now a days… He may only act in a handful of movies but in recent years, None of them flopped. I mean honestly, I’m sure he’s approached with film makers wanting him to act in their films ALL THE TIME, but after acting for over 30 years he’s only appeared in 20 films… He just doesn’t act in bad movies. If you are casting an older lead for a movie, run the idea by Day-Lewis because if he green lights it, and agrees to be a part of it, then you my friend have a possible Academy Award winning movie.

As I bring that up, I kind of wonder if he ever passed over an Academy Award winner just because he’s so picky on what movie he chooses to be in. That’s something to think about right there.

I just looked into it real quick as I was writing this… He was considered for the Lead in Passion of the Christ, but further proof Mel Gibson’s crazy, he was passed over for looking “Too European.” Now Passion was a great movie, but imagine the difference if it were Day-Lewis not Jim Caviezel

~Written by JM

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Tannenbaum Gone

The Jets fired GM Tannenbaum. Woohoo!! That’s just the beginning.

Has there been a more dysfunctional team in the NFL over the past couple of seasons than the NY Jets? That’s a rhetorical question, because the answer is a resounding no. This franchise really has had no idea what it wants to do. The claim to be a ground and pound team, but they do not have a serviceable running back. The Jets have a defense first mentality, yet their defense seemed rather porous all season. (To stick up for the defense, the amount of turnovers committed by the offense inflated the statistics given up by this unit). You had a front office who was not on the same page with the head coach, an owner who only seems to care about making the front page of the newspapers, and a quarterback who seems to be regressing with each passing game.

The first two years of Rex Ryan’s Tenure the Jets did have a great defense. And yes, Sanchez won four playoff games. But both those years, Sanchez had a very good running game behind him. Without either of those, Sanchez has looked absolutely terrible. People will defend him saying he had no one to through to. This may be true. But he did plenty on his own to make himself look like crap. Sanchez needs to go. Shonn Greene has been pedestrian at best since becoming the Jets featured back. He was a good number two back, somewhat in the mold of Lamont Jordan, but can’t cut the mustard by himself. In the offseason the Jets only two real offensive additions were Stephen Hill, a wide receiver who can’t catch, and Tim Tebow, the most polarizing figure maybe in American sports who can’t play his position. Good job guys. Hill was their second round pick, and they gave up a fourth and a seventh for Tebow.

The Jets needed a free safety in the offseason because Eric Smith is hot garbage. So what did they do? They sign Yerimiah (don’t care if I spelled the name wrong) Bell and Laron Landry. BOTH OF THEM ARE STRONG SAFETIES!! Laron Landry can hit, but he’s a liability in coverage, and Bell is ok. Their outside linebackers have been subpar (age may be a factor there), and Bart Scott is not what he used to be.

To the best of my understanding Tannenbaum was making the personnel decisions and should be culpable for them. Firing him was the right move, but many more need to be made for this franchise not to be a laughing stock anymore.

Correction Yeremiah, and 4th and sixth for Tebow.

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It is not uncommon for more than one player in the NFL to be in contention for the MVP award at the end of the season. This year, those who are in the running include Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Adrian Peterson. Notice the position the majority of players who may be up for the award play? QB. The quarterback is the field general, and the game runs through them (especially in this era when the defense can do virtually nothing in coverage) but the position is put up on too high of a pedestal.

This year it will be a travesty if Adrian Peterson does not win the award. Not only is the man coming off an ACL MCL tear, he is playing on a completely one dimensional offense. And just so we are clear, that one dimension is Peterson himself. unlike JM or A, I hate the Giants. So tomorrow go Peterson get the 2000  yards, the record, and MVP.

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