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East Coast Balco Scandal

So as many of you may have already heard, the Miami New Times has just posted an article about reports of an “anti-aging” clinic in Miami selling PEDs to known players. Some of the bigger names include, Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera, Gio Gonzalez, and Yankee Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Now I’m not going to go in and describe the article, because you all can go read it yourself.  I’m also not going to argue whether or not PEDs should be allowed in baseball.  This article is based on the fact that they are currently not allowed.  Instead I’m going to talk about how stupid these players are, and how stupid they think the MLB and Fans are.

Now I’m going to give a quick rundown of the four players.  First I’m going to assume these reports are related to Melky Cabrera’s positive test last year, and that he’s not a repeat offender.  Melky was the Yankees essentially fourth oufielder when he was there, known for a decent average, but being a plus defender with a rocket arm.  He had the talent to start.  And this year he showed it… however he way outperformed his talent level from previous years, batting champion til his suspension with a lot more power than I recall when he was a yankee.  Red flags MLB probably picked up on leading to his suspension.

Colon was an ace pitcher in his hayday. However he had fallen off in recent years.  A couple of years ago he had a come back year with the Yankees in a year where the Bombers couldn’t keep their pitchers healthy, and it earned him a new contract with oakland.  However pitchers past their prime don’t just suddenly get their stuff back.  I said awhile back Colon is taking something and I was right.

The only way I can explain A-Rod however is that he is a “Manny Ramirez” kind of stupid.  You already got caught once, and got a slap on the wrist and a 300million dollar contract with the Yankees (notice a pattern here?). And he goes out and gets caught again. I get he wanted to pass Bonds HR record, and he’s seriously dropped off and needed a boost.  But think about this.  If suspended for 50 games, the Yankees won’t need to pay him for almost 1/3rd of the season.  Saving them between 8-10million dollars.  They might be under the luxury tax this year after all.

Now finally Gio Gonzalez.  One of the top 3 pitchers on my Fantasy Baseball keeper league along with Ian Kennedy and RA Dickey.  If you get suspended for 50 games for this you seriously hurt my chances of winning this year. Let alone the chances of the Nationals repeating in the NL East not that the Braves have the Upton brothers patrolling their OF.

~written by JM

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Upton Brothers Reunited

So I haven’t posted in a while and I appologize, however I’m making use of my new WordPress app…

A few moments ago, the Diamondbacks agreed pending a physical to a deal that will send Justin Upton to Atlanta… Earlier this offseason, Big brother BJ was signed by the Braves. Meaning the new Braves OF is Upton-Upton-Heyward, which is awesome for two reasons… A)They are all great offensive and defensive outfielders.  And B) Brothers in Left and Center field is kinda cool.

Tiny tidbit of info, the Upton brothers are good friends with Mets 3B David Wright, and Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman, they all grew up playing in the same baseball league in Virginia.  And now they are all in the same division.

Anywho, now with Upton off the market, Bourn should sign soon.  I wrote a previous post about my certianty that Bourn will be a Ranger next year.  And I still believe that.  However, the Mets have recently appealed to MLB to have their 1st round pick, the #11 pick, protected. Now if this were to happen, and Ill explain the chances of it happening in a moment, I expect them to make a push for Bourn.  The Mets outfield is non-existant, and there isn’t a close to ready goldglove CF in their farm system.

Now about getting the #11 pick protected.  It’s iffy.  The MLB rules are that the #1-#10 picks are protected.  Meaning if the team signs a type A free agent who has been given a qualifying offer, (1yr 13.3mil) they won’t have to sacrifice their first round pick, instead their second round pick is given up.  This rule was made to compensate a team for losing a good player to free agency, try to limit teams from buying everybody, and allow the 10 worst teams in baseball a chance to improve without losing too much.

However their is a flaw in the system.  The Mets were the 10th worst team in baseball, but get pick #11, an unprotected pick.  This is due to another rule in the draft, if a team fails to sign one of their picks in the next draft they acquire the pick number after that… Pirates had the #9 pick last year but failed to sign him… meaning they get #10 this year, pushing the Mets down to #11.  So if the Pirates had signed their first rounder last year, the Mets pick would be protected.

Now I’m sure this isn’t the first time it has happened, but to me the Mets are right in their appeal, and I hope the MLB changes the rule to not “the first 10 picks” are protected to “the first round pick of the 10 worst teams” are protected.

~written by JM

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Lance Armstrong Scumbag of the Year

Lance Armstrong used to be the subject of one of the feel good stories in all of sports, not just in this country, but around the world. His battle with cancer, his multiple Tour de France championships, and his foundation which helped raise money for cancer, all made him extremely likeable. There were even debates in the media about whether he could be considered one of the greatest athletes of all time. Then the steroid allegations came…..

Honestly I really could care less about him taking steroids. Quite frankly, I really could care less which athletes take steroids. Hell hitting a ball to the warning track never sold out any stadiums. But when he Lance was accused, he apparently took down many people who accused him of taking PED’s. a woman had such a giant lawsuit that she actually went bankrupt.

If these allegations were false it would be one thing, but the weren’t. The fact that there were threats, lawsuits, and other things of this nature, makes him a pretty awful person. Like I said, don’t care if athletes take PED’s, but this man is kind of an asshole.


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Hall of Fame Snubs…

I know I posted about this before, but I’m reposting it because I’m pissed.  For the first time since 1996, the MLB BBWAA elected NOONE to the Hall of Fame.  Now I know this is a controversial ballot, because A) It’s stacked, and B) It’s one of the first true “Steroid Era” ballots.  Clemens and Bonds were on this ballot and each received 36%.  Biggio Bagwell and Piazza recieved 68%, 59% and 58% respectively.  A player needs 75% and isn’t kicked off unless receiving less than 5%.

I’m going to start by complaining about how STUPID writers in the BBWAA can be.  1 writer voted that Aaron Sele should be in the Hall of Fame.  Do you remember him, because I didn’t and he was a Met for a year.  1 Person actually put on his ballot, that this Journeyman pitcher with a W-L record of 148-112, an ERA of 4.61 and 1,407 K’s should be heading up to Cooperstown.  Other ridiculous vote getters include Shawn Green who beside’s hitting 4 Home Runs in one game had a pretty mediocre career, yeah he had some strong power seasons, but who didn’t at during those years.   Julio Franco who proved that at the age of 49 you can still be an average pinch hitter.  Yeah that’s cool but not Hall of Fame worthy.

Yet the All Star at C and 2B while also playing CF for years with 3000 hits 400SB’s and almost 300HRs isn’t worthy, a ex ROY, ex MVP .297 hitter with 449 HR’s isn’t worthy, and a Catcher who hit .308 with 427 Homeruns and a 12x All Star isn’t worthy.

I get it, the suspicion of steroids holds back alot of voters, but in my opinion the MLB Hall of Fame has 2 options to deal with the Steroid Era.

1) Either do not allow anyone where there is PROOF that steroids was used.  Proof includes, but is not limited too, being named in the Mitchell Report, a failed test and or suspension, an admission of use, or any other sort of concrete evidence


2) Assume everyone was on steroids.  Therefore the playing field was level, and guess what, the defining players of that Era should still be recognized for what they did and allowed into the Hall of Fame.

Personally I don’t want Bonds or Clemens in, which is why I’m in favor of the first one, but honestly, if allowing players who admitted or its been proven they were on Steroids in means that players who “Might have been but we aren’t sure” are allowed in then that’s fine.  I mean honestly some of the players who were named to be on steroids still didnt BECOME hall of famers.  Jeremy Giambi for one, Matt Franco, Todd Pratt,  plus a ton of other No-Names, or One Year Wonders.

We all knew this Era was coming, but its re-god-dam-diculous that pure suspicion is preventing players from getting into Cooperstown.  If players such as Biggio, Bagwell and Piazza don’t get in, I’m saying that players such as Jeter not be allowed in also.  Yes that would be a travesty, but Jeter was friends with Petitte and A-Rod… Maybe he used as well.  Being declared Guilty without proof, just by association, should go across the board for anyone who played in the 90’s-early 2000’s.

~Written by JM

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National Championship a Joke

Alabama defeated Notre Dame in the National Championship game on Monday 42-14. The Fighting Irish’s great defense floundered in the presense of a superior team. I could ramble on about statistics, or talk about the 200* yards of rushing offense given up to a better team. But I am not going to do that. Alabama is a better team there is no denying that. Enough people have been complaining about how the Irish should not have been in this game, and they were in way over their head. I completely agree with these statements.

Instead I am going to take this article on a bit of a tangent and talk briefly about what a corupt and stupid thing the NCAA is. There is no real objective way they vote for the national championship. Year after year there had been an undefeated team has been kept out of the National Title game, only this year, the other undefeated team was Notre Dame. Heaven forbid this team be left out of the game. Notre Dame represents honor tradition, greedy men, history, greedy man, greatness, oh and did I mention greedy men. The only reason thatthis team remains independent is because of the massive TV contract it retains, not because of some weird sense of integrity.

People who are opposed to a playoff system in college football are only helping to promote crappy National Title games like this.


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Return of the NHL

Well as some of you may have heard Hockey is finally back.  Now I’m not the biggest hockey fan in the world, frankly of the big 4 sports it ranks just above Basketball in my mind.  Its not that I don’t like watching Hockey, I just cant follow it aswell as I can follow Baseball or Football.

Anyways, even though I don’t watch Hockey, I’m glad it’s back.  The lockout went on for way too long, and its about time to let the players get back on the ice.  My friend was pissed off because he’s a huge hockey fan and was convinced that this would be the Ranger’s year… Now we might actually get a chance to find out, as an abbreviated 48-50 Game season is set to start in the next few days.

Welcome back Hockey, it’s a good thing your back, Football is about to end soon, and I need something to watch before Baseball season starts.

~Written by JM

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NFL Week 1 Playoff Predictions

The NFL playoffs begin today after a strange NFL season. The defending Superbowl champs are not in, and a few surprise teams are in. That being said here are my Wildcard Round playoff predictions.

Baltimore Ravens vs Indianapolis Colts

Has there been a more feel good story in the NFL this season than the Indianapolis Colts? Their coach in the beginning of this season gets diagnosed with a treatable form of leukemia, this team seems dead to rights, and they rally around each other achieve an 11-5 record from a 2-14 record. This is with a rookie QB, a very young roster, and a huge wrench thrown into their plans in the beginning of the season. Chuck Pagano is now back on the sidelines coaching the Colts, and Andrew Luck continues to play like a veteran. That being said, I don’t see this young team beating the Ravens, especially with this veteran group and Ray Lewis retiring. I see it being a close game, but I believe the Ravens win this one.

Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Redskins

This is an interesting matchup. Both teams have rookie QB’s who have played very well this year. Both teams have exceptional running games. Seattle has a better defense, but Washington’s defense is much improved from the start of the season. Both teams have been hot coming into the playoffs. Even this game is being played in our D.C., I think the Seattle Seahawks win this game because they are a bit more complete team. Although something to consider is the Seahawks have been great at home, not so much on the road.

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

This game should more accurately be described as the Green Bay Packers vs. Adrian Peterson. Hey Dom Capers, Adrian Peterson is getting the ball. What are you going to do about it? Peterson rushed for 210 yards and 199 yards when these teams played this season. In these two games, Christian Ponder was terrible. Even with Peterson’s Herculean efforts, they only managed to split the two games played against their divisional rival. This game is being played at Lambeau, and Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers. I don;t see the Vikings winning for a second week in a row against the Packers, especially while visiting them. Green Bay wins, but Peterson helps keep the Vikings in it.

Houston Texans vs Cincinnati Bengals

If you asked me two months ago who I thought would have one this game, Houston hands down. Houston’s been slipping, while Cincy has been getting hotter and playing some pretty good football. Cincy’s front seven has been hot, leading the league sacks, While Houston’s pass defense has been garbage recently. I’m a bit torn, but I’m actually going to give this game to the Bengals, because I don’t trust the Texans right now.

Just one fans opinion. Be back next week with predictions.


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