Upton Brothers Reunited

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So I haven’t posted in a while and I appologize, however I’m making use of my new WordPress app…

A few moments ago, the Diamondbacks agreed pending a physical to a deal that will send Justin Upton to Atlanta… Earlier this offseason, Big brother BJ was signed by the Braves. Meaning the new Braves OF is Upton-Upton-Heyward, which is awesome for two reasons… A)They are all great offensive and defensive outfielders.  And B) Brothers in Left and Center field is kinda cool.

Tiny tidbit of info, the Upton brothers are good friends with Mets 3B David Wright, and Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman, they all grew up playing in the same baseball league in Virginia.  And now they are all in the same division.

Anywho, now with Upton off the market, Bourn should sign soon.  I wrote a previous post about my certianty that Bourn will be a Ranger next year.  And I still believe that.  However, the Mets have recently appealed to MLB to have their 1st round pick, the #11 pick, protected. Now if this were to happen, and Ill explain the chances of it happening in a moment, I expect them to make a push for Bourn.  The Mets outfield is non-existant, and there isn’t a close to ready goldglove CF in their farm system.

Now about getting the #11 pick protected.  It’s iffy.  The MLB rules are that the #1-#10 picks are protected.  Meaning if the team signs a type A free agent who has been given a qualifying offer, (1yr 13.3mil) they won’t have to sacrifice their first round pick, instead their second round pick is given up.  This rule was made to compensate a team for losing a good player to free agency, try to limit teams from buying everybody, and allow the 10 worst teams in baseball a chance to improve without losing too much.

However their is a flaw in the system.  The Mets were the 10th worst team in baseball, but get pick #11, an unprotected pick.  This is due to another rule in the draft, if a team fails to sign one of their picks in the next draft they acquire the pick number after that… Pirates had the #9 pick last year but failed to sign him… meaning they get #10 this year, pushing the Mets down to #11.  So if the Pirates had signed their first rounder last year, the Mets pick would be protected.

Now I’m sure this isn’t the first time it has happened, but to me the Mets are right in their appeal, and I hope the MLB changes the rule to not “the first 10 picks” are protected to “the first round pick of the 10 worst teams” are protected.

~written by JM

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