National Championship a Joke

January 9, 2013 at 5:55 pm 1 comment

Alabama defeated Notre Dame in the National Championship game on Monday 42-14. The Fighting Irish’s great defense floundered in the presense of a superior team. I could ramble on about statistics, or talk about the 200* yards of rushing offense given up to a better team. But I am not going to do that. Alabama is a better team there is no denying that. Enough people have been complaining about how the Irish should not have been in this game, and they were in way over their head. I completely agree with these statements.

Instead I am going to take this article on a bit of a tangent and talk briefly about what a corupt and stupid thing the NCAA is. There is no real objective way they vote for the national championship. Year after year there had been an undefeated team has been kept out of the National Title game, only this year, the other undefeated team was Notre Dame. Heaven forbid this team be left out of the game. Notre Dame represents honor tradition, greedy men, history, greedy man, greatness, oh and did I mention greedy men. The only reason thatthis team remains independent is because of the massive TV contract it retains, not because of some weird sense of integrity.

People who are opposed to a playoff system in college football are only helping to promote crappy National Title games like this.


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