Quentin Tarantino and Christoph Waltz at it Again

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Is there a filmaker with a more unique, crazy, and vivid style than Mr.Tarantino? No, there is not. He is someone who does not seem to care. Tarantino made his mark on cinema history when Resevoir Dogs came out, but  rose to fame when Pulp Fiction  came out. A motif found in a Tarantino film are flashbacks, and non-linear story telling. If you look at a film like Pulp Ficition, then you look at a film like the Kill Bills, they are two very different films, with very different styles. However, both have the Tarantino flavor to them.

Inglorious Basterds is my personal favorite Tarantino movie, and it felt different than almost any other movie he made. It was more linear than most of his other works, except for some flashback sequences, and he basically rewrote history having Hitler die in a movie theater. This movie (I believe) is also the first time Tarantino worked with Christoph Waltz. Wow was Waltz good in this movie portraying Col. Hans Landa, a Nazi officer responsible for hunting down Jewish people in Europe. Waltz and Tarantino felt like a match made in Heaven when watching this movie, and Django Unchained only supports this argument.

If it’s possible, Waltz out did his performance in Inglorious Basterds. Waltz played Dr. King Shultz, a German bounty hunter covering his tracks by appearing to be a dentist. There were strong performances all around in this movie, but Waltz stole the show.


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