Bourn to Run

January 1, 2013 at 4:20 pm Leave a comment

Happy New Year Everyone! I wanted to start the New Year blogging about something I love… Baseball, I know this is the height of football awareness. Playoff Pictures set. People are ranting and raving about their team that should have gotten in but choked (Cowboys and Giant fans that ones for you).

Anywho my point is, of the Top Free Agents left on the market, one definatly stands out as the best remaining… Michael Bourn. Great defensive Center Fielder, Stolen base machine, and really broke through as a hitter when he went to Atlanta in 2009. The question is, where will he go and for how much…

Texas Rangers will sign him. I don’t know how much he will get but I guarantee its to Texas.

How can I be so sure? Easy. It makes complete sense for both sides that Bourn goes to the Rangers. First of all Texas lost Hamilton to the Angels, So now the Angels not only have the best CF under 25 with Mike Trout, they have the best offensive CF with Josh Hamilton. Let me also add Angels took CJ Wilson from the Rangers last year. Along with Pujols, Trumbo, and Aybar. Their line up has as many names in it as the Dodgers. (Everyone knows Names don’t win Games however) Rangers also lost out on Greinke, and trading for Dickey. Their offseason has just been abysmal.

The Rangers OF currently looks like David Murphy, Nelson Cruz and Craig Gentry taking over for the departing Hamilton… Now you cant tell me Bourn isn’t an upgrade if Texas hopes to still compete and make the playoffs again. And with Texas’s continued success, and money saved on not signing Greinke or Hamilton, they have the money to get Bourn.

Bourn on the same note, is from Texas, Bourn was actually Born in Houston and attended The University of Houston. I’m sure he’d love to play in Arlington. He got his start for the Astros before he broke out with Atlanta, and now with the Astros in Texas’s division he’d love a chance to play Houston 12 times a year as bit of vengeance for trading him away.

Even though Bourn is a Boras client, which means he’s going where ever the money is, Texas has the money, Bourn has the reason and sentiment. I believe a deal gets done.

~Written by JM


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