The Longest 208 Yards

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Credit to Yahoo News on the Pic

As the Playoff picture is almost set this year, the most interesting game for me might be Minnesota vs Green Bay.  Not only because as a New Yorker, I’m hoping for the Giants to sneak into the only undecided spot. (For them to get in, the Giants need to beat Philly, Green Bay needs to beat Minnesota, Washington needs to beat Dallas, and Detroit needs to beat Chicago)  Its a long shot but it is possible…

But tomorrow Adrian Peterson tries to see if he can top Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record.  He’s 208 Yards away.  Not only would this feat give him an NFL record which is an amazing feat in itself.  But he’s coming off of a torn ACL last season, which ended his season, and could have easily ended his career.

Adrian Peterson is a beast… He helped “D” in our fantasy football league make it all the way to the finals…  He fell to the 4th round in our draft, definitely made me regret drafting MJD in round 2… (and don’t even get me started on me drafting Vick in round 3)  But does Peterson have what it takes to rush 208 Yards against Green Bay’s defense?  208 Yards is a lot for any RB  to run in one game, but Adrian Peterson has proven he is not ANY RB.

I don’t think he passes Dickerson, but he will get close.

Earlier this season Peterson Rushed for 210 yards against Green Bay, so he has proven he can do it.  But Green Bay’s defense has now seen him work.  Green Bay is already in the play-offs but that doesn’t mean they are going to phone it in tomorrow.  If Green Bay loses, and the 49ers win, Green Bay doesn’t get the first round bye.  So Aaron Rodgers is going to try and lead his team to victory, and that means less time that Peterson will control the ball.

I could easily be wrong, and Peterson could rush for 210 Yards again and surpass Dickerson, but I wouldn’t put my money on it.  Either way, it’s been a hell of a year for Peterson, and he will win either MVP, if not MVP then he definitely wins Comeback Player of the year. (Peyton will take the other one)

~Written by JM

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Farewell Ault. MVP or MVQB?

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