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Daniel Day-Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the greatest actors of today. Every movie he does he wins an award… More often than not, he’s nominated for or wins the Oscar for best actor. He’s only done 20 Movies in his life, yet he won the Academy Award for Best Actor TWICE, that’s 10% of his movies… He was also nominated another 2 times, but didn’t win. Meaning in One out of every Five of his movies, he was nominated for an Oscar. And lets face it the first few movies he wasn’t the main character, so he had no chance for the award to begin with…

Amazing movies he’s done include, The Last of the Mohicans, In the name of the Father, Gangs of New York, There will be Blood, and most recently… Lincoln…

I haven’t seen any of his other movies, namely My Left Foot or Nine, but I’m sure without a doubt they are amazing.

Frankly its amazing how frequently he’s put up for awards now a days… He may only act in a handful of movies but in recent years, None of them flopped. I mean honestly, I’m sure he’s approached with film makers wanting him to act in their films ALL THE TIME, but after acting for over 30 years he’s only appeared in 20 films… He just doesn’t act in bad movies. If you are casting an older lead for a movie, run the idea by Day-Lewis because if he green lights it, and agrees to be a part of it, then you my friend have a possible Academy Award winning movie.

As I bring that up, I kind of wonder if he ever passed over an Academy Award winner just because he’s so picky on what movie he chooses to be in. That’s something to think about right there.

I just looked into it real quick as I was writing this… He was considered for the Lead in Passion of the Christ, but further proof Mel Gibson’s crazy, he was passed over for looking “Too European.” Now Passion was a great movie, but imagine the difference if it were Day-Lewis not Jim Caviezel

~Written by JM

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Tannenbaum Gone

The Jets fired GM Tannenbaum. Woohoo!! That’s just the beginning.

Has there been a more dysfunctional team in the NFL over the past couple of seasons than the NY Jets? That’s a rhetorical question, because the answer is a resounding no. This franchise really has had no idea what it wants to do. The claim to be a ground and pound team, but they do not have a serviceable running back. The Jets have a defense first mentality, yet their defense seemed rather porous all season. (To stick up for the defense, the amount of turnovers committed by the offense inflated the statistics given up by this unit). You had a front office who was not on the same page with the head coach, an owner who only seems to care about making the front page of the newspapers, and a quarterback who seems to be regressing with each passing game.

The first two years of Rex Ryan’s Tenure the Jets did have a great defense. And yes, Sanchez won four playoff games. But both those years, Sanchez had a very good running game behind him. Without either of those, Sanchez has looked absolutely terrible. People will defend him saying he had no one to through to. This may be true. But he did plenty on his own to make himself look like crap. Sanchez needs to go. Shonn Greene has been pedestrian at best since becoming the Jets featured back. He was a good number two back, somewhat in the mold of Lamont Jordan, but can’t cut the mustard by himself. In the offseason the Jets only two real offensive additions were Stephen Hill, a wide receiver who can’t catch, and Tim Tebow, the most polarizing figure maybe in American sports who can’t play his position. Good job guys. Hill was their second round pick, and they gave up a fourth and a seventh for Tebow.

The Jets needed a free safety in the offseason because Eric Smith is hot garbage. So what did they do? They sign Yerimiah (don’t care if I spelled the name wrong) Bell and Laron Landry. BOTH OF THEM ARE STRONG SAFETIES!! Laron Landry can hit, but he’s a liability in coverage, and Bell is ok. Their outside linebackers have been subpar (age may be a factor there), and Bart Scott is not what he used to be.

To the best of my understanding Tannenbaum was making the personnel decisions and should be culpable for them. Firing him was the right move, but many more need to be made for this franchise not to be a laughing stock anymore.

Correction Yeremiah, and 4th and sixth for Tebow.

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It is not uncommon for more than one player in the NFL to be in contention for the MVP award at the end of the season. This year, those who are in the running include Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Adrian Peterson. Notice the position the majority of players who may be up for the award play? QB. The quarterback is the field general, and the game runs through them (especially in this era when the defense can do virtually nothing in coverage) but the position is put up on too high of a pedestal.

This year it will be a travesty if Adrian Peterson does not win the award. Not only is the man coming off an ACL MCL tear, he is playing on a completely one dimensional offense. And just so we are clear, that one dimension is Peterson himself. unlike JM or A, I hate the Giants. So tomorrow go Peterson get the 2000  yards, the record, and MVP.

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The Longest 208 Yards

Credit to Yahoo News on the Pic

As the Playoff picture is almost set this year, the most interesting game for me might be Minnesota vs Green Bay.  Not only because as a New Yorker, I’m hoping for the Giants to sneak into the only undecided spot. (For them to get in, the Giants need to beat Philly, Green Bay needs to beat Minnesota, Washington needs to beat Dallas, and Detroit needs to beat Chicago)  Its a long shot but it is possible…

But tomorrow Adrian Peterson tries to see if he can top Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record.  He’s 208 Yards away.  Not only would this feat give him an NFL record which is an amazing feat in itself.  But he’s coming off of a torn ACL last season, which ended his season, and could have easily ended his career.

Adrian Peterson is a beast… He helped “D” in our fantasy football league make it all the way to the finals…  He fell to the 4th round in our draft, definitely made me regret drafting MJD in round 2… (and don’t even get me started on me drafting Vick in round 3)  But does Peterson have what it takes to rush 208 Yards against Green Bay’s defense?  208 Yards is a lot for any RB  to run in one game, but Adrian Peterson has proven he is not ANY RB.

I don’t think he passes Dickerson, but he will get close.

Earlier this season Peterson Rushed for 210 yards against Green Bay, so he has proven he can do it.  But Green Bay’s defense has now seen him work.  Green Bay is already in the play-offs but that doesn’t mean they are going to phone it in tomorrow.  If Green Bay loses, and the 49ers win, Green Bay doesn’t get the first round bye.  So Aaron Rodgers is going to try and lead his team to victory, and that means less time that Peterson will control the ball.

I could easily be wrong, and Peterson could rush for 210 Yards again and surpass Dickerson, but I wouldn’t put my money on it.  Either way, it’s been a hell of a year for Peterson, and he will win either MVP, if not MVP then he definitely wins Comeback Player of the year. (Peyton will take the other one)

~Written by JM

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Farewell Ault.

As many of you might already know, Nevada Football Coach Chris Ault announced yesterday he was stepping down.  Ault has been the Coach for Nevada for 28 years, and is the winningest coach in Nevada’s history.  He took the team from DII all the way up to DIA.  His 40-year career with Nevada began when he was the quarterback for the Wolf Pack between 1965-67. He then was named coach there in 1976 at the age of 29, then the youngest college coach in the nation.

His final record will be 233-109-1.

Ault might also be most famous for creating the Pistol Offense in 2005, which is now used in hundreds of schools across the country.


-Written by JM

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No Tebow Time in NY

Figure first day back should do a second blog, and since I live in NY, why not write about everyone’s favorite guy Tim Tebow haha. It really was a joke during the offseason that the Jets even traded for him at all for him during the offseason. It’s pretty clear that it was just a ploy by Woody Johnson to garner ticket sales. Sanchez is terrible, Tebow is worse. And to top it off, Tebow actually complained and refused to run the wildcat when he was passed over in a start for McElroy. For shame Timmy.

The Jets have many a problem, but their biggest one can clearly be pointed to the QB position. Yes Tebow is a good person, and a likeable figure, but he is not suited to play QB in the NFL. Both Tebow and Sanchez need to go, (even though Sanchez has a lot of money headed his way) and the Jets need to start rebuilding again from scratch. That is at least being true on the offensive side of the ball. Hopefully in a few years the Tebow catastrophe will be nothing but a distant memory.

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Mets screw Dickey

First of all before I start, I’m a new member to this collaboration, My posts mainly will focus on baseball, but I’ll throw some movies in occasionally too.  I’m a huge Mets fan but I’ll do any big story.  For my first post however it’s kind of old news but I feel like it needs a post anyway.

A few weeks back, Mets traded Cy Young 20 Game winner RA Dickey to the Blue Jays for Travis d’Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard, Thole and Nickeas also went to the Jays, and John Buck and Wuilmer Becerra also came to the Mets.  Personally I like the trade for both sides.  Toronto see’s a weakened AL East, and has just added Josh Johnson and Jose Reyes from Miami.  Their plan is to win NOW.  Mets however are focused on rebuilding.  In 2015 if all prospects pan out, Mets have Harvey, Wheeler, and Syndergaard pitching to d’Arnaud… And that’s something teams dream about..

However shortly before Christmas  the Mets released a 2012 Holiday e-card which included a 1 minute Highlight reel.  There weren’t many, but what it featured were, Santana’s No-Hitter, Wright passing Kranepool for all-time Mets Hits leader, and Davis leading the team with 32 Homers after a dreadful first half.  Those are all great parts of last year…

Who doesn’t even make an appearance in the video… Robert Allen Dickey…

For lack of better words… What The Hell

Dickey won 20 games, had 5 Complete Games, 3 Shutouts, Struck out 230 over 233.2 Innings and pitched to a 2.73 ERA and the Mets couldn’t even throw a shot of him in there? RA Dickey was the reason people went to Mets games in September. 32,000 people were at his game where he won #20.  I personally went to the 2nd one of his 1 hit Complete Game Shutout.  The fact that the Mets organization refused to acknowledge he was the most memorable story of 2012 for ALL of baseball is a tragedy.

As a Mets fan, Dickey you will be missed around here. And I’m sorry the organization treated you like garbage during the trade process and afterwards. Good luck in Toronto.

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Written by JM

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