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Avengers … WOW

So let’s touch on the best movie of the year, I don’t care what anyone says nobodies going to top this movie. It was filled with great acting, humor and ridiculous action. The Avengers will go down in history, especially considering how much money it pulled in its first weekend and from there on out.  The movie begins with a buildup of story line and character retrieval, since we’ve already met each and every one of them in prior movies leading up to this one. And once they all come together the amount of humor (mostly from Robert Downey Jr.) is beneficial to an action movie. The movie is very well casted, and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) is a vastly underrated in my book. Much of the cast is perfect for their roles, even the addition of Mark Ruffalo as the Incredible Hulk, even though I was skeptical of this casting at first. I also believe that Chris Evans is a phenomenal Captain America and plays the role more than sufficiently.

One of the things that upset me most was the death of Agent Phil Coulson. How can you put this guy in all of the separate Superhero movies just to kill him once they all come together??? But it wasn’t for nothing as it turned a bunch of solo acts into a team attempting to avenge their fallen comrade. A fight between Thor and Incredible Hulk rivals that of the fight between Vin Diesel and the Rock during Fast FiveThe battle scene which takes place in NYC, of course, is epic and filled with great CGI and great action.

I only buy DVDs of movies that I loved and you can bet your ass that I will be purchasing the 3-disc combo pack of The Avengers as soon as it hits the shelves. If you have not seen it … then you live under a rock and should climb out and head to the movies because this is a MUST SEE.

Those are my two cents … cash them in!


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It’s been a while

So it’s been two months since I’ve written anything … no lamenting so here we go!

The Kings vs the Devils in the Cup finals, the Devils (hated rival) broke my Rangers hearts and the Kings have been lighting up everyone they play sweeping or merely losing one game to each team. Now they’ve lost one to the Devils and they find themselves in the driver seat up3-1 heading toward their first Stanley Cup victory. They’ve been ridiculous on the road not losing a game all postseason, so what do you say we close this series out Kings? Connecticut’s own Jonathan Quick has been as close to perfect as you can imagine posting a ridiculous 15-3 record with a 94.8 save percentage and a machine like 1.39 GAA. Good luck beating him twice in a row Devils!

To the NBA, the Thunder await the Heat/Celtics win as they, the Thunder, ran train through the Western Conference except for a road stumble against the Spurs. The Heat and the Celtics are playing one of the best conference finals in recent years and it is certainly entertaining me as Lebron James scored a ridiculous 45 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in the Heat’s blowout Game 6 win. We head to Game 7 in South Beach where many talents will be taken on Saturday night!

The MLB has been interesting this season already with surprises of the Orioles, the Indians and the Mets. The Yankees and Red Sox struggled to find their stride but seem to be discovering it and rather quickly too. Josh Hamilton is destroying the ball, so was Matt Kemp before he hit the DL … twice. Pujols is struggling, Fielder is fitting in nicely, and Jose Reyes is having trouble getting hits in the biggest (and gaudiest) ballpark. The Mets finally got their no-hitter from Johan Santana, who is most certainly in line to win Comeback Player of the Year. We are only one third of the way through the season but there is much to look back on already.

The most interesting thing since I have last written is the amount of press an off-season of football can receive. The Saints have been put on probation since bounty-gate, head coach Sean Payton has been suspended and so has defensive captain Jonathan Vilma. Junior Seau has paced away after he shot himself in the chest, placing more emphasis on concussion treatment and work for retired athletes. The NFL Draft came with two QBs taken in the first three picks. Free agency came and went and my Giants lost two key members of their offense in Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham, whom both left for San Francisco. Peyton Manning is  Bronco and Tim Tebow is a Jet. I know, I know.

Well I will be most certainly posting more and you should keep checking more to read my take on some of the stories from the Sports world and even some movie reviews!

These are my two cents … cash em in!


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