Hunger Games Verdict

March 27, 2012 at 5:47 pm Leave a comment

If you did not read the books or see this movie yet, AVERT YOUR EYES. This book was my favorite book possibly of all time, now I haven’t read that many as I usually loathe reading. However, that should not discount my opinion or the quality of this novel. The idea is brilliant and infinitely more original than the common zombie and vampire movies that have been used over the past few years. So I will not be writing a book review, but rather a movie review and critique on how it relates to the book. In other words, pick up the book and enjoy it, try putting it down, I dare you.

So, let’s talk about some of my quick pet peeves with the film. Some of the things do not match up from the book i.e. her pin is given to her by the wrong character in the movie, some of the deaths are portrayed incorrectly, and the action and blood are not as illustrated in the book (in the directors defense, the movie would have had to be rated “R” if this was kept). Another pet peeve is the lack of a soundtrack, I am always pretty big on epic soundtracks. The scores are good in themselves, but sometimes the melody of a good song is better than a score by a composer. Finally, the camera movement was annoying in my own words. There was so much movement in a lot of scenes that you could not tell what was going on, maybe it was intentional, either way it should have been fixed. In the last fight scene you could not decipher who was who. Onto the good stuff…

Other than that, I think that this will be one of the best movies of the year, as it raked in $155 million its first weekend, a record for a non-sequel, and only falling behind the last Harry Potter movie (which had a build up of seven movies before it) and the Dark Knight. The actors’ performances were great besides Liam Hemsworth. Jennifer Lawrence was exactly how she had to be and more, Josh Hutcherson was perfect along (overwhemingly so and he should not be overlooked) with Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks (who can play a cracked out weirdo in her sleep) and even Lenny Kravitz. The movie portrayed the dark, cold and emotional feel of the Post-Apocalyptic world that Suzanne Collins painted in her novels. The movie, although some things are off, follows the book very closely and does an impressive job. The character build-up and relationships are portrayed beautifully, and the actors mirror the attributes of their characters from the books. All in all I agree with the 85% that Rotten Tomatoes has awarded The Hunger Games and recommend that anyone (I mean anyone, guy or girl and old or young as this film has already appealed to many demograpgics) go see it, even if you have already, it’s worth a second viewing.

Those are my two cents … cash them in if you dare!


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