Elway leads another Drive …

March 27, 2012 at 4:52 pm Leave a comment

From nowhere, from heaven (that’s a joke everybody), from Tebowmania swept the Denver Broncos across the biggest Free Agency ever. The biggest decision of the young offseason seemed to be whether the Colts would release Peyton Manning, but no one would have expected it to be completely dwarfed by his own decision of where to sign. Most thought it was a shoe-in for him to go to Miami, if/once he was released; they weren’t even the first team he visited, that would be the Denver Broncos followed a day after by the Arizona Cardinals, then the Tennessee Titans. The ‘Phins were only granted a pity visit so that he may visit with the coaches. It appeared as if the Dolphins had given up early anyway shipping their best wideout away for a mere third rounder. Then they dumped their best defensive back; once they realized their chances for Manning were slipping Miami was abandoning hope of everything. The 49ers emerged from nothingness, or a botched punt return away from the SuperBowl as late dark horses, hurting the “feelings” of their quarterback who seemed to be allergic to turning the ball over last year, not the case years prior. Come on Alex Smith, it’s a business, Harbaugh’s not your daddy, he’s here to win a ring, and since you couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a boat in that NFC Championship Game, it was understandable they looked at one of the best 5 quarterbacks ever through free agency, where they’d only have to give up $ and not picks or players.

The Niners made the most sense, they had just signed Randy Moss, stacking their offensive weapons to Moss, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and a backfield Frank Gore/Kendall Hunter. The best defense in all of football on the other side of the ball to allow Peyton to pad his leads, and with a coach who proved he can take a team far even without a star quarterback. Instead, Peyton chose to quiet Denver’s Tebowmania. John Elway could not wait to find a way to rid himself of the publicity of Tebow and the long motion and all the other nonsense that comes with Tebow. I am a huge Tebow follower and believer and I do think that he is one of the hardest working athletes ever, always trying to improve and prove himself to others. Tebow was wronged by Elway who labeled the starting quarterback heading into training camp and then was shipped out like an Amazon product a week after Peyton Manning was signed. John Fox, a good coach may become a great one with the help of a quarterback-coach that is Peyton Manning. It was, however, the best decision for Elway to make.

My biggest question is why did Peyton choose Denver over his other options? It’s colder the offensive pieces are on par or worse than the Niners and the Cardinals, the defense is good, but nowhere near as good as the Niners or as young (possessing potential and upside) as the Cardinals. The other two teams play in warmer weather, and the Cards play in a dome for crying out loud. What’s done is done and now as Peyton resides in beautiful Denver, Colorado (somebody please try and argue with me that sitting less than an hour away from the Rockies is not gorgeous), the free agents begin to flock their way toward him, even defensive players as Tracy Porter a young corner with tons of upside, who pick-6-ed Peyton in the Saints inspirational Super Bowl win. I can say one thing, Peyton will look sharp in those awesome Broncos’ uni’s.

Those are my two cents … cash them in if you wish!


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