Razzie Nomination Snub Season of the Witch

March 6, 2012 at 3:35 am Leave a comment

The biggest snub for a Razzie was the lack of a nomination for Season of the Witch. My God, it truly was an abomination of the movie. Ron Pearlman and Nicholas Cage are Knights who abandoned their posts during the “Crusades” and sentenced to prison. At this time, a plague is sweeping the land, and everyone was dieing. Nicholas Cage and Ron Pearlman are than instructed to bring a girl who is accused of being a witch to stand trial for the plague. Cage and Pearlman agree to this task in order to regain their honor.

Notice I am referring to them as Cage and Pearlman, not by their character names who I do not care enough to look up. They played themselves, same voices, same mannerisms, no emotion, no passion. I have no idea what the process was when making this movie, but it was terrible. Not to mention that the crusades were dated completely incorrect, and I have no idea what the made up disease was in this movie. NO ONE DID A GOOD JOB IN THIS MOVIE. The director should go and make Adam Sandler movies.

This film absolutely deserved the honors of worst picture nomination over Transformers, and it is more proof that Nicholas Cage should be kept off the movie screens forever.


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