The Saints Aren’t So Saintly

March 3, 2012 at 8:08 pm Leave a comment

Football is a violent game. Injuries happen, some more severe than others. It is a sport where violent collisions are encouraged, even with some of the leagues new rule changes to minimize some of the more unsafe hits. Players like James Harrison keep the game dirty, with both the lack of technique and control on the defensive side of the ball. It is easy to point fingers at individual players, saying a particular hit makes them a dirty player, or proclaiming a play was merely a bang-bang play and the collision could not have been avoided. Well, reports have come out that The New Orlean Saints administered a bounty system, in which players would receive bonuses for game ending injuries applied to the opposing offense.

Defensive players on the Saints, as dictated by the system, would receive $1500 for knocking a player out of a game, and an extra $1000 for having a player carted off the field. During the player carted off the field. Reports have even indicated that the “classy” Jonathan Vilma offered a $10000 bounty on Brett Favre during the Saints “magical” run to the Super Bowl. Who supposedly was in charge of this system? Greg Williams, the man who had been the Defensive coordinator of the Saints for several years.

It turns out that Williams may have been in a similar bounty system while on the staff of the Washington Redskins. This man has disgraced himself and should be banned from the league if all of these allegations are true.

Remember how the entire country stood behind the Saints during their Super Bowl run? I do. And these reports definitely make me wish I had not rooted for them. The “Who Dat Nation” is now a disgrace and an after thought.


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