Adam Sandler Continues

March 2, 2012 at 4:10 am 1 comment

Adam Sandler seems to be in a minority amongst actors who do not mind a silly niche they fall into, with many actors caring about the content they star in. To a certain extent I agree with taking the work while you can, when you can, without worrying about being typecast. Some people have long, successful careers because of this, while producing entertaining material. A perfect example of this is Jason Statham, who plays the same role in every movie he is in, but is loved because of it. You always want to see Statham in a car, driving fast, shooting people, with a pretty woman next to him. Adam Sandler used to be someone who was typecast, but produced funny movies. After trying to take himself seriously, he stopped caring, starting with the movie Grownups.

Jack and Jill was set the bar at a new low for Sandler, and the movie should have been titled Apathy an Adam Sandler production. The trailers looked bad, the reviews were awful, and Jack and Jill was rewarded with a record amount of Razzie Nominations. For those of you who do not know, the Razzies are the opposite of the Oscars. This fact has not stopped Adam Sandler from producing whatever idiotic plot that comes to mind, and he displays this with the next “project” he is coming out with entitled That’s My Boy.

Plot summary from wikipedia:

“The film follows a man (Adam Sandler) who, as a teenager, fathered a son (Andy Samberg) in high school with his teacher. Years later, the man visits his son on the eve of his son’s wedding and begins feuding with his son’s bride (Leighton Meester).”

Wow, that sounds even worse than Jack and Jill. I am surprised to say this, but I would really like to see Adam Sandler go away, and not make any more movies for a good while. Please Adam Sandler, take all of your millions, and ride of into the sunset, preferably forever.


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  • 1. sexy rexy  |  March 2, 2012 at 4:40 am

    Whoa. While I’m not the biggist Adam Sandler fan I have to say That’s My Boy is gonna be sick. Big Sexy himself Rex Ryan will be making his acting debut. Can’t Wait. This will be the summer’s biggest blockbuster.


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