Modern Action Star Memento 5: Wrath of the Worthington

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Sam Worthington is currently one of the most recognizable action actors in Hollywood  Although it’s not exactly fair to call him an  actor, let alone an action star. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not trying. A laundry list of “blockbusters” have been added to his resume in the recent years. He’s not the worst I’ve seen, his acting is of the dry, rough, and in a difficult school that Hollywood has been promoting for their big budget movies. Don’t believe me? Watch his three biggest films (Avatar, Terminator: Salvation, and Clash of the Titans) and see if you can spot any difference between the characters. Add to this his almost need to out Smoker Christian Bale in Terminator and you can see my problem with his acting starting to form.                                                                                                     

Sam Worthington would not be getting this kind of treatment from me if there hadn’t been so much hype around him when he was starting off. I believe the only fair thing to call him and his career is magic. The reason I say this is because Sam Worthington played the biggest possible trick on Hollywood studios, which of course was the elaborate illusion of him being a great actor. Not just a great actor, but the great actor of his generation. How did he pull this off?  Well it was simple, he got himself into an overrated James Cameron movie. As far as I can tell this was his first time being involved with a big budget movie, and the illusion was set before Avatar had even hit the theatres. In fact Avatar was so big and took so long to make that Worthington without even being tested was offered his role in Terminator: Salvation. Here’s a hint for Hollywood studios, if there is buzz around someone then please for the love of all that is sacred, WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE YOU HIRE THEM! Especially if you are hiring them for one of the top billed roles in a movie that fans had been waiting for since Arnie first said “I’ll be baaack.”                                                                                                                      

Of course, since it is coming out soon I need to discuss the Titan movies. First of all, I have no idea why The Clash of The Titans remake was made, second I don’t understand why they took it so seriously when the original was pretty much a joke for the 80’s, and I can’t fathom why there is a freaking sequel. Was it all just an excuse to make a CGI Kraken? Did they think the trio of Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, and Voldemort was enough to carry it as a proper action movie? Or was it they were just out of ideas, the bills were piling up, and some producer jumped on the idea of a quick buck? I think it’s fair to assume the third option, but what do I know? The one thing for certain is as far as overrated actors go, Sammy is on the top of the list of “action stars” who need to stop.

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