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Back to the Injuries

Amar’e has given his whole body and heart to the Knicks, quite literally. Amar’e has bulging disks in his back and may be done for the season. This man’s body is breaking down before our very eyes and we are on the hook for a lot of money owed to him. What do the Knicks do now? It is being rumored that we will go with a small lineup as Carmelo Anthony may fill in as the Power Forward, while Amar’e gets his back checked for possible surgery. The red-hot knicks are now back at .500 for the first time since parting ways with Mike D’Antoni and are running into injury issues once again. But they are playing inspired basketball and are making a push to move up the playoff seedings and possibly toward the Atlantic Division crown. Boston is also on the charge as the 76ers seem to be playing mere .500 basketball no better than the Knicks or Celts.

This will be Melo’s time to shine as it was last night against the 9th place Bucks without Amar’e and Lin. He put up 28 points shot 12/12 FTs, and grabbed 12 rebounds. J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert most likely will be splitting a lot of minutes now if Amar’e is out and Melo slides over to the “4”, Landry Fields would then slide over to the “3” leaving the door open for those two. Josh Harrelson, whom I have met in person, will see an increase in minutes and so will Jarred Jeffries I’m sure because of his good defensive play. This will be a make or break run for the Knicks, and with their showing last night against a team that was made better by a deadline deal, I have faith in them. It’ll be tough considering all of the adjustments that this team, and most others, have had to go through during this shortened and clustered season. The Knicks are now 7-1 under Woodson who has rallied this team and has them playing defense no one could have ever imagined from these Knicks. The Knicks must continue this play, without their best asset so far under the Woodson era, Amar’e Stoudemire. Without Amar’e they can roll into the playoffs but it’ll be impossible for them to make noise or damage throughout without Stat in the lineup.

Those are my two cents … cash em in if you wish!

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Hunger Games Verdict

If you did not read the books or see this movie yet, AVERT YOUR EYES. This book was my favorite book possibly of all time, now I haven’t read that many as I usually loathe reading. However, that should not discount my opinion or the quality of this novel. The idea is brilliant and infinitely more original than the common zombie and vampire movies that have been used over the past few years. So I will not be writing a book review, but rather a movie review and critique on how it relates to the book. In other words, pick up the book and enjoy it, try putting it down, I dare you.

So, let’s talk about some of my quick pet peeves with the film. Some of the things do not match up from the book i.e. her pin is given to her by the wrong character in the movie, some of the deaths are portrayed incorrectly, and the action and blood are not as illustrated in the book (in the directors defense, the movie would have had to be rated “R” if this was kept). Another pet peeve is the lack of a soundtrack, I am always pretty big on epic soundtracks. The scores are good in themselves, but sometimes the melody of a good song is better than a score by a composer. Finally, the camera movement was annoying in my own words. There was so much movement in a lot of scenes that you could not tell what was going on, maybe it was intentional, either way it should have been fixed. In the last fight scene you could not decipher who was who. Onto the good stuff…

Other than that, I think that this will be one of the best movies of the year, as it raked in $155 million its first weekend, a record for a non-sequel, and only falling behind the last Harry Potter movie (which had a build up of seven movies before it) and the Dark Knight. The actors’ performances were great besides Liam Hemsworth. Jennifer Lawrence was exactly how she had to be and more, Josh Hutcherson was perfect along (overwhemingly so and he should not be overlooked) with Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks (who can play a cracked out weirdo in her sleep) and even Lenny Kravitz. The movie portrayed the dark, cold and emotional feel of the Post-Apocalyptic world that Suzanne Collins painted in her novels. The movie, although some things are off, follows the book very closely and does an impressive job. The character build-up and relationships are portrayed beautifully, and the actors mirror the attributes of their characters from the books. All in all I agree with the 85% that Rotten Tomatoes has awarded The Hunger Games and recommend that anyone (I mean anyone, guy or girl and old or young as this film has already appealed to many demograpgics) go see it, even if you have already, it’s worth a second viewing.

Those are my two cents … cash them in if you dare!

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Elway leads another Drive …

From nowhere, from heaven (that’s a joke everybody), from Tebowmania swept the Denver Broncos across the biggest Free Agency ever. The biggest decision of the young offseason seemed to be whether the Colts would release Peyton Manning, but no one would have expected it to be completely dwarfed by his own decision of where to sign. Most thought it was a shoe-in for him to go to Miami, if/once he was released; they weren’t even the first team he visited, that would be the Denver Broncos followed a day after by the Arizona Cardinals, then the Tennessee Titans. The ‘Phins were only granted a pity visit so that he may visit with the coaches. It appeared as if the Dolphins had given up early anyway shipping their best wideout away for a mere third rounder. Then they dumped their best defensive back; once they realized their chances for Manning were slipping Miami was abandoning hope of everything. The 49ers emerged from nothingness, or a botched punt return away from the SuperBowl as late dark horses, hurting the “feelings” of their quarterback who seemed to be allergic to turning the ball over last year, not the case years prior. Come on Alex Smith, it’s a business, Harbaugh’s not your daddy, he’s here to win a ring, and since you couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a boat in that NFC Championship Game, it was understandable they looked at one of the best 5 quarterbacks ever through free agency, where they’d only have to give up $ and not picks or players.

The Niners made the most sense, they had just signed Randy Moss, stacking their offensive weapons to Moss, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and a backfield Frank Gore/Kendall Hunter. The best defense in all of football on the other side of the ball to allow Peyton to pad his leads, and with a coach who proved he can take a team far even without a star quarterback. Instead, Peyton chose to quiet Denver’s Tebowmania. John Elway could not wait to find a way to rid himself of the publicity of Tebow and the long motion and all the other nonsense that comes with Tebow. I am a huge Tebow follower and believer and I do think that he is one of the hardest working athletes ever, always trying to improve and prove himself to others. Tebow was wronged by Elway who labeled the starting quarterback heading into training camp and then was shipped out like an Amazon product a week after Peyton Manning was signed. John Fox, a good coach may become a great one with the help of a quarterback-coach that is Peyton Manning. It was, however, the best decision for Elway to make.

My biggest question is why did Peyton choose Denver over his other options? It’s colder the offensive pieces are on par or worse than the Niners and the Cardinals, the defense is good, but nowhere near as good as the Niners or as young (possessing potential and upside) as the Cardinals. The other two teams play in warmer weather, and the Cards play in a dome for crying out loud. What’s done is done and now as Peyton resides in beautiful Denver, Colorado (somebody please try and argue with me that sitting less than an hour away from the Rockies is not gorgeous), the free agents begin to flock their way toward him, even defensive players as Tracy Porter a young corner with tons of upside, who pick-6-ed Peyton in the Saints inspirational Super Bowl win. I can say one thing, Peyton will look sharp in those awesome Broncos’ uni’s.

Those are my two cents … cash them in if you wish!

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RG3 Heading to the Capital

After the Colts apparent committment to drafting Andrew Luck, there has been a lot of speculation as to what the Rams would do with their pick. With a franchise quarterback already set in place for the time being, everyone knew that there would be teams bidding for that number two spot. With several franchises in need of a quarterback, and RG3’s stock rising, the Rams were able to get 3 1st round picks and a second round pick for their number 2 pick. This is equivalent to a deal that the Colts would have gotten for their pick in order to get Luck. Pretty steep a price for a guy who seems to be getting overhyped. There is now possibly more pressure on him than there is on Luck.

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Indy is Weird

When Irsay decided to clean house, he decided to clean house. It is one thing to revamp the entire coaching staff, it is another to revamp the coaching staff, front office, and bring in an entirely new talent pool. This is basically rebooting an entire franchise. The Colts will be a glorified expansion franchise next year. A rookie quarterback, new head coach, new gm, new talent all around, it’s going to be an ugly year next year for this team. I would also like to point out, expansion fraanchises who bring in rookie quarterbacks to start right away, set up the quarterback for failure. What does this mean for Andrew Luck? We shall see. Will he come in and be John Elway, or will he come in and be Tim Couch?


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Cutting Ties as Indy Cries

Four MVP Awards, a Super-Bowl ring, records upon records, playoff appearances, division titles, and pride into a hidden football city. Just naming some of the things that FORMER Quarterback Peyton Manning brought to Indianapolis, and will now leave in the rear view mirror. The man who saved this franchise has been released today at the dawn of the NFL Free Agency, and days before the Colts would be required to pay him his $28 Million roster bonus. Manning went under the knife four times from May 2010 until September 2011 for his neck, including a neck fusion, which has been rumored to be one of the toughest to recover from. So naturally there were concerns about his health and if he would even be able to play again. I mean let’s think about this seriously, doctors have said that if Manning takes a hit too hard or in the wrong spot, he could be paralyzed basically, forget football.

Let’s delve into the decision now. Of course after the Colts magically finished 2-14, beats me how they even won two games. Everyone questioned how could one player make this much of a defense … well when that player is Peyton Manning and they haven’t even considered drafting a decent backup QB since 1999, that’s how. If I had been a writer you bet your ass that I would have put a vote in for Manning as this year’s MVP. The Colts were plain awful this year as Kerry Collins, Curtis Painter, and Dan Orlovsky all gave their best shots at turning this team around. With their efforts, if you call it that, the Colts “earned” the first pick of next years draft, which has been solidified to one Andrew Luck ever since he decided to stay in school last year. That left the Colts with the toughest decision since Manning vs. Leaf, which they said wasn’t difficult, so maybe it was the toughest decision since, “Hey, should we leave Baltimore in the middle of the night?” Now it was should we keep Peyton and draft Luck or release our best player, ever, and draft the unproven rookie first overall? For the Colts, it had worked before drafting a rookie quarterback and handing over the reigns to him from the get-go. But this time around who says it won’t be different?

Peyton was willing to work out his contract and his bonus. He was giving all he had to recover from the neck surgery to give everything he has left in his tank into the franchise that he built into an AFC South Superpower. But it wasn’t enough. It was a business decision made by the owner, Jim Irsay, and I fault him for it. They could have taken the Brett Favre approach, allowing their future QB to develop under their current Hall of Famer’s wings. I can guarantee you Peyton would have ridden off into the sunset without a complaint and rightfully so at the end of his contract or maybe even retired a year before it came to its conclusion. In addition, Andrew Luck would have been able to watch and learn from one of the greatest of all time. The Colts could have made salary room as they still plan to, but now Luck will have to lead a completely different team and offense as the Colts plan to cut Joseph Addai, possibly Dallas Clark and now with the news of Manning, they will lose Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon. Their offensive line had become poor as it is, and now they have six more picks to fill at least four more positions on offense, with rookies. In other words, this team is screwed and by losing Peyton they have lost most, if not all of their offense. I will be the first to admit when I’m wrong, so if I am wrong I will say so, but the Colts will not get better then they were in Peyton’s last full season (10-6 in 2010) until at least two years down the road. Jim Irsay screwed his team and a friend simultaneously. Goodbye to the greatest Indianapolis Colt, ever.

Those are my two cents … cash em in if you want.


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Andrew Luck Implications

With Peyton being released, Andrew Luck is going to be the clear-cut starter for the Colts. Luck has been heralded the best QB prospect since John Elway, adding a lot of expectations to a young man who has yet to throw an NFL pass. To top that off, he will be replacing arguably the greatest QB of all time, and trying to bring a franchise back from oblivion. This is all with a new coaching staff and new front office, so apart from the players being remaining, this is almost like a rookie QB coming into an expansion franchise, with no continuity or system implementation.

I do not mind when rookie QB’s start, and get thrown into the fire right away, but usually these rookies have a safety net placed under them in the form of a veteran QB. I would imagine this will be the case with the Colts, and no I do not mean Orlovsky or Collins, I mean a little bit more of an upgrade from those two.

Rookie QB’s always are a bit more of a bust risk than other positions, and Luck will be no exception. In fact, his bust factor in my opinion seems to be growing with every day. I know he has a good work ethic, and is smart, and has all the right physical and mental tools needed for the position, but he has been heralded the second coming before taking an NFL snap. With all these expectations, Luck needs to win or perform well right away, or he may go down as the biggest bust in NFL history.

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