Modern Action Star Memento 4: Taylor Lautner

February 21, 2012 at 10:00 am Leave a comment

The emo-vampire genre is extremely popular right now, and at the forefront, we have Twilight leading the pack. One major problem with this is the actors from these terrible movies are now in high demand. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner all seem to have budding or blossoming careers due to this series. I have spared no expense when talking about what my true thoughts of Kristen Stewart are, and Robert Pattinson is not does not fall far behind. However, the worst of this trio has to be Taylor Lautner. Wow is he painful to watch. Putting that fact aside, he does receive the least amount of work when compared to his two Twilight costars, so he does not receive as much hate. (Actually, no one receives as much hate as Stewart). As long as Lautner remained in his little Twilight world, or did not venture from Shark Boy and Lava Girl, he could have easily been ignored; much like a terrible boy band.

Unfortunately for those of us who do wish for his shirt to be removed every time he’s on camera, Lautner decided to be adventurous. He recently starred in a movie called Abduction, which came out last September. Apparently the plot revolves around a teen (Lautner) who discovers that his picture from his early childhood is on a website for missing children. There is CIA involvement, murder, chase scenes, all of which are ingredients to an action movie. The plot to this movie is not important, what is important is Lautner is now invading our action movies. All I have to tell him, is stop, and go home. You are not wanted, needed, or appreciated in these movies.

One action movie certainly does not make Lautner an action star, but it is cause for concern. This actor cannot be allowed to star in action movies, or the genre is doomed.


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