Countdown to the Oscars; Moneyball

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In Moneyball based on a novel of the same name, which follows Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) who at this point was the General Manager for the Oakland Athletics. He loses players to free agency who opt for more lucrative contracts in bigger markets. In order to have his team compete, and still keep his job, he recruits a computer young unknown computer wiz, who has come up with different ways to evaluate players (Jonah Hill).

This system as a whole did effect the way certain scouts evaluate players around the league. On Base Percentage (OBP.) and Slugging Percentage is now held in higher regard than a players Batting Average (AVG.). A prime example of a player who is more valued through this way of assessment is Nick Swisher, who is known to draw walks, therefore has a high OBP., despite having mediocre batting averages. One thing that is a bit odd to me, is that the team in the book/movie, did not go on to win anything, yet such a big deal is made out of it.

The film is up for the Best Picture Oscar, and rightfully so. It was well acted, well directed, and the screenplay was well written. Brad Pitt is up for Best Lead Actor, and Jonah Hill is up for Best Supporting Actor. Both did an excellent job. Johnah Hill is known for his work in comedies, but this movie truly showed the range he has as an actor. The fact that this team in real life did not do much, yet such an excellent movie was made, really speaks volumes about the  job the actors did.

I personally am rooting for this film to win. It seems as if The Artist, who will be touched upon in the next post, is the odds on favorite, but I will pull for the underdog much like Billy Beane in this movie.


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