Second “I am Legend” Movie

February 19, 2012 at 7:10 am 1 comment

I am Legend, is about one scientist surviving a post apocalyptic world, after a virus causes human beings to mutate. In the original story this mutation is into vampires, but in the most recent film adoption they are more similar to zombies. This one starred Will Smith, who is living alone in Manhattan, whose only companion is his dog. The movie explored him living in a world by himself, how he survives, adapts, and even socialized with store mannequins to maintain mental stability. During the day he is mobile, exploring the ruins of Manhattan, and even partaking in recreation. At night he hides in his home, because the zombies only explore come out at night.

This was a well written movie, with good acting and directing. Will Smith displayed a lot of range, showing he can pull off scenes by himself onscreen. Any post-apocalyptic movie can give many story arcs, showing both immediate and long-term effects. An I am Legend 2, is planned, with Will Smith scheduled reprise his role. This would be good news, except for one fact, he died in the first movie.

There was an alternate ending showing him surviving, however the theatrical ending showed him getting blown up. Unless this ending is completely disregarded, this new movie can only be a prequel. While showing how Manhattan and the world became a wasteland would be interesting, this was already somewhat addressed in the first movie.

I think making a prequel would be a mistake, and a sequel with Will Smith would not make sense. We shall see what direction they go.



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  • 1. Makita  |  February 19, 2012 at 7:39 am

    I don’t think a second would work either. Smith did an awesome job making the role his just like Vincent Price and Charleston Heston did in “The last man on earth” and “Omega man” respectively (I am Legend being a remake of both films seeming from the classic novel with the same name) I believe a second movie would diminish what he accomplished in the first film. Especially because he did die in it.


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