The Decendants; Countdown to the Oscars

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Another film which is up for best picture is The Decedents. The Descendants is a highly critically acclaimed film, which stars George Clooney, whose wife goes into a coma after a jet-skiing accident. Upon learning that she will never come out of the coma, it is decided that the she needs to come off life support. Clooney’s character then proceeds to break the news to family and friends, in order for them to have one last chance to say goodbye. This film explores the relationship between family members, as they deal with the impending tragedy of losing a loved one. It also explores the forgiveness, and letting go of our anger toward someone before it is too late.

There are two major subplots in this movie. The first being, Clooney’s family owns a tremendous amount of land which is essentially all forest. The extended family wants to sell the land, and throughout the film, the pros and cons are weighed. Another subplot occurs when Clooney’s teenage daughter reveals that his comatose wife was having an affair. Clooney devotes time and energy into tracking this man down.

Overall the acting in this movie is very good. Clooney plays an excellent lead, and almost the entire main cast is strong, save for Clooney’s younger daughter who is just a kid. Clooney deserves the nomination he received for best leading actor. Although the acting was strong, I felt this movie was somewhat boring, and tended to drag on. It was supposed to be a character study, exploring the changes a man faces after a life altering event, and it does this well. The movie itself just becomes too uninteresting half way through.


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