Jeremy Lin Hot Streak

February 15, 2012 at 4:04 am Leave a comment

The Knicks win over the Raptors marked the 6th straight win for the Knicks, all six with Jeremy Lin playing. This unbeaten streak is a bit surreal, considering before the Super Bowl Jeremy Lin had was unknown and merely an afterthought. The Knicks were down, for the entire game, until Lin tied it up with his layup, foul shot. Lin committed 8 turnovers in this game, which is a number which certainly cannot be duplicated game after game; but 27 points and 11 assists is a phenomenal stat line. He seems to come up big in the big spots, which according to any sports writer in the country, is the only thing that makes a player good or not. Tasteless jab at sports writers aside, coming up big in clutch situations is certainly a trait which cannot be taught. The comparisons with Tebow in that regard are fair, but that is where the comparisons should end. Tebow’s passing stats were terrible; Lin’s offensive stats are not.

Six games is a very small sample to evaluate a player from, but I think an argument saying Jeremy Lin cannot play is foolish. Lin can shoot, pass, and create plays. He has developed a great rapport with Tyson Chandler, and Novak has truly benefited from Jeremy Lin’s play.  Amare will definitely gel with Lin, and that will account for all but one puzzle piece, Carmelo. How will Carmelo Anthony mesh with Jeremy Lin? I am not sure. If the Knicks can figure out a way to implement Carmelo Anthony into a Jeremy Lin offense, this team could be dangerous. Quite frankly, Carmelo Anthony gets paid too much money not to coexist with Jeremy Lin. I do not care if he wants to be “the guy.” his salary is too much not to conform to what the Knicks’ system will become.

As a New Yorker, it is relatively exciting watching Lin perform the way he has in such a short time. Is the crowning of a new savior a bit premature? Yes. But this is as exciting, and relevant the Knicks have felt in quite some time. Lin does need to remedy this turnover problem, but that is a correctable and can be coached. It is fair to say that a competent point guard has been found, which is one thing the Knicks sorely needed.


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