Really Jason Whitlock? Jeremy Lin Reaction

February 13, 2012 at 10:34 pm 1 comment

Too much clout is given to what is written on social media outlets, i.e. facebook and twitter. That being said, we live in an age where social media has been integrated into almost every facet of life. Employers and companies are now checking the internet before hiring people, in order to investigate these social media sites. These days, anyone who needs to worry about their public image, must worry about what goes on the internet. A sports writer is an example of someone who needs to worry about their public image. So naturally tweeting a racist comment, if you are a well known sports writer, is an excellent idea. Jason Whitlock, who is a well known sports writer, did just that about Jeremy Lin.

Jason Whitlock is a moron, plain and simple. I have thought this for quite some time, beginning with his appearances on PTI. His arguments never sound good, he is always obnoxious, and there have been a few racy things he has said which I have picked up on. This man when speaking, really does seem like a walking punch line. It was initially amusing to watch his appearances, but they quickly became annoying, as did he. So naturally, I have a very high opinion of this man already, but I will try to remain as objective as possible.

The comment he made was not only racist, but sexual in nature. That is completely inappropriate for anyone who deems them self a professional journalist. I normally would dismiss this, but social media is now a heavily reported subject. Jason Whitlock deserves to be fired for the tweet he made about Jeremy Lin, because there is a good chance another man would.


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