Modern Action Star Memento #1: Channing Tatum

February 11, 2012 at 3:37 am 2 comments

In a previous post it was mentioned that the first written beat down would be to Shia LeBeouf, but the itinerary has changed a bit. With the release of The Vow, and the imminent release of the G.I. Joe sequel, it seems only fair that Channing Tatum should receive the first coup de grace, via the written word. This “talented actor” made a name for himself, by starring in Step Up, a story in which two teenagers budding romance comes to fruition despite the odds being stacked against them. Channing Tatum plays a young inner city thug, who vandalizes a performing arts school, and s is sentenced to perform community service. This community service ends up being helping the lead female, (whose name escapes me) with her dance routine, for the “big performance.”  At the end of the movie, the Director of the school awards Channing Tatum’s character a scholarship for helping out in the big performance. This is in spite of the fact that he destroyed school property, costing the school money and subsequent scholarships, which would have been awarded to other more deserving students. Channing Tatum, the street rat, ends up with the rich privileged female lead. Bad acting, bad writing, bad directing, and an overly cliché ending sums up this film fairly well.

Movies which Channing Tatum have starred in since Step Up include She’s the Man and Dear John. He had previously been in either “chick flicks,” or films about inner city youths bettering themselves. So naturally, when casting the part of Duke for the movie GI: Joe Rise of Cobra, Channing Tatum would be the first selection. Channing Tatum was certainly not the only problem with this movie, but he was a big one. The character of Duke, is supposed to be a highly trained soldier, who was a member of the United States Special Ops in some capacity before joining the “Joes.” Tatum looks far too effeminate, and still appears to have hints of his strong urban accent which was present in Step Up. So while watching this film, it really felt as if the character from Step Up was joining the “Joes.” The performance was very unbelievable, and casting Marlon Wayans as his partner and fellow member of the “Joes” did not help. Wayans should stick with his family, and continue doing bad parodies of genre movies. Other than this, the plot was sloppy, the writing was bad, and the ending was very contrived.

The Vow is now coming out, and it really appears to be one of the stupidest premises I have heard of in quite some time. Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams star as a young married couple, who must rekindle their love after a car accident causes McAdams’ character to lose her memory. This truly is one of the stupidest plots in recent memory. Tatum loses credibility as both an actor and action star, by taking part of this project.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation opens in theaters in June, with Tatum reprising his role as Duke. There is no indication that he will do a better job in this role, because he is terrible as an actor, and unconvincing as an action star. Bruce Willis and The Rock both have parts in this movie, upping the manliness factor quite a bit, but not raising expectations by much.

Channing Tatum should keep his lack of talent and remain in the “chick flick” genre.



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  • 1. Makita  |  February 11, 2012 at 5:24 am

    I agree with almost everything you said. Putting Channing Tatum in action movies is like putting Paulie Shore in a drama (or in an actual comedy in that case) How Channing Tatum became a modern face of action is as mind boggling as… well whenin Paulie Shore became a face of comedy in the 90’s. I do have to, well not disagree with what you said about Marlon Wayans, but feel slightly disapointed. Yes the parody statement is good but I feel that any attack on Marlon should be mandated to come with some thing along the lines of one of these: (and with an exception for of his role in Requiem for a Dream) . But outside of that I agree, let Daniel Craig, Walburg, Damon, Jeremy Render, Denzel, and other actually talented and masculine actors handle action movies. Tatum stay with chick flicks and Shila back to Disney. And these Twilight boys getting action roles go back to hell.

  • 2. Mike Frangione  |  February 13, 2012 at 2:49 pm

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