Princess Di Movie Preliminary Thoughts

February 10, 2012 at 6:14 am 1 comment

It has been announced that Naomi Watts landed the role as Princess Di in the upcoming movie Caught in Flight. Interestingly enough, this movie is not about all the positive things the late Princess did in her life as a humanitarian, but rather a two-year affair she had. This is an interesting choice for a plot in my opinion, because of how loved and revered she was around the world. I can still recall even though I was very young, how saddened the world was when she died, and how celebrated her life was. Surely, there was a more positive story which could have been told about this woman, and all the lives she touched.

The fact that she was so loved, makes the story of her affair that much more compelling. It goes to show even the most praised and iconic figures, or even the most saintly or untouchable individuals, have skeletons in their closets. It will be interesting to see if they choose to portray Princess Di as a sympathetic character being almost victim like, or if the movie decides to show her in a more villainous light, making her out to be quite flawed. Naomi Watts should do a good job, because she is a relatively talented actress, but the screenplay is what will make and break this movie.


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