“A’s” Superbowl Reaction

February 8, 2012 at 11:25 pm 1 comment

Now seeing that I AM a New York Football Giants fan … I am still speechless at the events of Sunday February 5th, 2012. Big Blue came to play against the Patriots, yet again. The Patriots are 26-4 against the NFC since 2006 with three of those four losses coming to the hands of the NFC team that plays in Metlife Stadium. To say the least the Giants have the Patriots number for right now, and it comes at the expense of one of the greatest quarterbacks and coaches, as well as QB-coach tandems. Tom Brady in my opinion is the best that has ever played the game, but when he lines up opposite of the Giants front line, he becomes less than that.

This time around I was more nervous than in 2008, because I didn’t even think we stood a chance that time, but this time around even with our 9 wins and terribly ranked defense besides the amassed sack total, I felt more worried. Seeing as we had already beaten them once this year, in their own house, I knew there was a realistic chance to take home another Ring. However my belief, which is reassured every year in all sports is that when you play a team for the second time around you are at a certain disadvantage, in the aspect that you are of the mindset, “Hey, we beat them once already, so let’s go out there and do the same.” While on the opposing end the other team has prepared and changed up their game plan in a slew of ways. Look at history and tell me that this isn’t right that typically the second time around the losing team either plays a much better game and loses or just wins the game.

So, the game started and the Giants jumped out to a 9-0 lead following a safety and a beautifully thrown slant route from Eli to Cruz, in which he threw the ball directly behind Brandon Spikes who was trying to block Cruz’s vision and almost did successfully. Then came the second quarter, and good ol’ Gilbride went back to his questionable play calling with a second and fifteen run here, a third and eight delay there … just typical. The Pats closed the gap and eventually took a 10-9 halftime lead.

Then came the third quarter and an even larger lead for the Pats, but some chipping away by the Giants. Finally, the Patriots had the ball with a chance to put the game on ice and Brady may have under-thrown the ball, or Welker may have dropped an easy catch. Nevertheless, the ball was given back to Eli, the new uberly-clutch Eli Manning. He made a fantastic throw to Mario Manningham, which was a mirror image of the one thrown earlier in the game, which may have been a little overthrown to the sideline or Manningham may not have stayed true to his route, but this time it was a completion and a HUGE one at that. The Giants marched down field and everybody in the world kept saying one thing , “kill the clock, the Pats need to waste their timeouts”. With a great quick out to Nicks, the Giants were down to the 8 yard line, and that’s when I knew; the Patriots were going to let the G-Men score. Moments later the line opened and Ahmad Bradshaw walked into the end-zone and made a half-hearted attempt to take a knew at the one yard line but then turned and sat himself in the endzone leaving the ever dreadful 59 seconds left on the clock, for one of the most clutch and dangerous quarterbacks ever.

As the Giants did in ’08 they got to Brady on the last drive, Justin Tuck delivered another clutch sack, moments later Brady delivered his own blow on fourth and sixteen with a completion to Branch. The Giants, accidentally marched twelve men on the field and were called for the five yard penalty with only 9 seconds left on a heave by Brady. Here it was the final play to decide the Super Bowl and it was an absolute bomb by Brady, my heart stopped as the ball flew threw the air and it was tipped up. Gronkowski dove, but on that bad ankle he had no chance! The G-Men had done it again!

Eli Manning had his second Super Bowl ring and his second Super Bowl MVP. Tom Coughlin did it again he went from being on the hot seat to bringingĀ  the Lombardi Trophy back to New York. The Giants had more ups and down this season than a roller coaster, injuries, Osi’s contract, Brandon Jacobs mouth, the toughest schedule seen in years, and the “eliteness” of Eli Manning. The Giants proved the nay-Sayers wrong and I am ecstatic about it. Coughlin saved his job and Eli Manning proved he IS on another level, and to be honest it may not be Brady, Manning, Brees or Rodgers level. But he’s below them now, and if he keeps this up, if not now, down the road he should be fitted for a yellow jacket! Tom Coughlin proved that his way is not the wrong way, the hard-nosed and discipline way can pay off. This defense proved that they can stand up to anyone and any offense. Many more GM’s should be looking at the Giants approach and thinking, “hey, maybe stocking up on lineman is a great idea.” It is the only way to stop the modern-day pass game, as we have seen with these G-Men.

Those are my two cents … cash em in if you wish!



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