The Unstoppable Nicholas Cage

February 4, 2012 at 11:56 pm 3 comments

Nicholas Cage has been in many terrible movies, and shows no signs of stopping. There was “Season of the Nicholas Cage”, “National Nicholas Cage”, “National Nicholas Cage 2:  The Book of Nicholas Cages,” “Gone in 60 Nicholas Cages,” and many more. Instead of labeling the man’s acting as atrocious it truly boggles the mind as to why Nicholas Cage continues to get work.  It begs the question “How does it happen that NC gets two or more bad movies a year? Sometimes even triples?”  It’s almost like he has some kind of deal with the Devil?

Now to the newest addition attached to the Cage career Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. I know the film hasn’t come out yet, but it’s a movie that just shouldn’t be. The first film was riddled with poor writing, poor direction, and poor acting, (with the exceptions of Peter Fonda and Sam Elliot), while the box office take only barely surpassed its budget.  Now to be fair I’m sure the effects will be appealing much like our female lead Eva Mendez. Is that enough for the movie to be good? NO! Just ask Jonah Hex and Megan Fox. The formula of pretty girl plus nice explosions does not overcome bad writing. It worked in the 80’s, but now money has to be put into the script if you want a movie to work. Give the poor writer’s a pay bump with the money saved on one less CGI chase scene.

Now even if it was a good idea to make a second Ghost Rider movie, and I’m not saying it is, why for the sake of all that is holy would you stick with Nicholas Cage? I suppose the role of carnie moron does scream out Nicholas Cage’s name, but like all of the after school specials of the 90’s taught us, just because something’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right.  Recall for a moment the scene where the character was doing research on the occult, and began by channeling man’s natural affinity to fire. This screams “deep and character building scene” where the tortured Johnny Blaze comes to accept his new powers through research, depth training, and meditation. What we got was Nicholas Cage being himself and goofily speaking to his hand. No character arc, no development, just Nicholas Cage. When will the madness stop? When will the tyrannical rule Nicholas Cage has on the movie channels be put to a much needed end? Sadly it may never end.  Now my analysis is only based on what I know from a long period of exposure to Nicholas Cage’s bad movies. Who knows he might pull a performance closer to the caliber of acting in Kick Ass, and the movie could be good, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

-DM Guest Blogger

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