Peyton Mannings Career Not Done

February 3, 2012 at 5:02 am Leave a comment

According to, Peyton Manning has been medically cleared by two doctors. This is great news for him I am sure, because he has expressed the desire to continue his career. This does present an interesting situation for Jim Irsay and his franchise though. In order to continue in Indianapolis, Manning will have to be content with the Colts drafting Andrew Luck, something he in has been somewhat against. With an aging Manning, the Colts have to draft Andrew Luck, who is supposedly the best quarterback prospect since John Elway was coming out. The Colts have to also decide if they want to pay Manning the $28 million in order to keep him. With the new rookie salary cap, this can be affordable even with Luck being on the team.

Several teams surely are going to be interested in pursuing the 14 year veteran, and why not? Manning can come back and potentially have a couple of good years left, and potentially be a mentor to a younger quarterback. If nothing else, the younger quarterbacks can observe Manning’s work ethic, and the rigorous studying and preparation he does before each game. What happens with Peyton Manning is sure to be the big story going into the offseason, and will be talked about for a while. I hope that Manning stays with the Colts, and in an act of class, help prepare Andrew Luck to become his successor.


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