Ryan Reynolds and the Superflops

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Hollywood studios fell in love with comic books quite some time ago, and why shouldn’t they be in love with them? Comic books are premises that are already written to a certain degree, and already have a preexisting fan base. In fact, some of the fan favorites like Superman and Batman are almost a license to print money.  So then how is it possible for any studio to screw up what is basically a no brainer?

Well it boils down to two groups of people, the writers and the actors.  However, this is not to discredit or excuse everyone else who helps make movies a reality, but for me if a movie (and specifically a comic book movie) is a flop, you only have the writers and actors to blame. That being said, a serial offender is Ryan Reynolds.   Ryan is not a bad person (depending on which Hollywood access show you watch), but he managed to ruin not one, but two comic book icons.

The first was Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now it might not be fair to call him a “comic book icon,” but in recent years Deadpool gained a large fan base, and that was actually one of the reasons Ryan was given the role. The studio felt that a character that was gaining a fan base needed a big name. However, the film was a tremendous flop, and the “big name” performance that was promised was short and disappointing. To be fair to Ryan, he was a victim of bad writing,  as in the writer must have said to himself “Deadpool? Who is that? Is that the guy with eye beams? Well he is now,” but a certain amount of accountability is required from a big name actor. I wouldn’t be so angry about this if Reynolds had tried to make the character his own instead of treating the role like a quick paycheck. The voice actor from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had more fun with the character, making it his own even with most of his lines consisting of “yahoo!” and is not the major payoff of the plot.

In the Green Lantern, Ryan plays the lead role of Hal Jordan. An odd choice considering he couldn’t manage being a likable side character, I can only guess the idea was that if he was the lead then he might actually care about the role.  Sadly that was not the case. Again we can blame the writers for boring us through 2 hours with poor payoffs, and a SLOW developing plot. However, if it happens twice Ry, it might just be you! Just like in X-men, I got the feeling Reynolds was phoning it in for a quick buck, and was not invested in the character or the project at all. It showed a lot as we get one liners delivered in an awkward way.

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