Tom Coughlin

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The opinion on this man has changed too many times to count. In the middle of this very season, Giant fans were saying Tom Coughlin should be fired. This chant has been present for quite some time amongst NY Giant fans. There has never been a man in sports, at least in my recollection, whose been so close to being run out-of-town one day, and being hailed as a hall of fame coach the next. This flip-flop in opinion happens quite often, and each time it seems equally perplexing. I am not sure if it deserved, or if the New York fans, and or media are just a very fickle group. Despite a few late season collapses, Coughlin won a Super Bowl with a team that probably should not have made it there to begin with. Granted it was with a different franchise, but Coughlin helped build the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise from scratch. This man’s body of work truly does speak for itself. Now with a possible second Super Bowl win a few days away, there really is no arguing the type of coach Tom Coughlin is.

One other major factor to consider, is that before Tom Coughlin came to the Giants, Tiki Barber was an adequate to sub par back. Barber also had a myriad of fumbling issues, which were not truly addressed throughout his career. Tom Coughlin helped change Tiki Barber’s carry, and soon turned Barber into an elite back for 3 seasons.

One final point I would like to make, is Coughlin had a rookie quarterback to deal with. That position has a very high bust factor, and it is a very delicate situation developing young ones. Tom Coughlin helped turn Eli Manning, into a top-tier quarterback in the league today.

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