Hey Cards … “Stick it up your Pujols.”

January 29, 2012 at 9:54 pm Leave a comment

After cheering and revering a guy for years for being pure and true to the game; backing him against any of the ‘roid debate that was brought his way. One of the best swings I have ever seen and a man who played the game it should be, moving positions for his team, always digging deepest when the impossible needed to be reached, and unlike many players had more than one “tool” to his name. This man is Albert Pujols.

The guy was a perfect baseball specimen, I mean they even made a SportsCenter commercial about him calling him the machine, and never was a commercial more true. He is a .325 career hitter, 445 home runs, over 1300 Rbis, a.k.a the guys a first ballot hall of famer.

But we come to this offseason and all I can say is ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?’ When I heard the unfortunate news all I could think was “He took the money??? He left them for the MONEY? Oh MY GOD!” I thought he was one of the few passionate ones who would never leave his team … but sure enough here we are thinking about American League juggernauts not necessarily named the Yankees or Red Sox. It’s always about the money these days and even the “purest” will go for the green. He left his teammates, his brothers, all of whom he just won a World Series with. He says that he didn’t think the Cardinals made the best offer and didn’t show as much interest. Are you kidding???? I will respect Pujols, but you will not see me rooting for him as a baseball fan as much anymore, because this is absurd. Yes, your manager retired, but that doesn’t mean you must abandon ship. But he did. And nobody is talking about it like everyone loathed the Lebron James move, but why? At least he went to another team and took a paycut to play with friends and FOR championships. Pujols took more MONEY and just won a championship, when this Angels team couldn’t make the playoffs.

Those are my two cents, cash it in if you wish!


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