How maddening is march … really?

January 28, 2012 at 10:51 pm Leave a comment

Think about it … every year we go through the same thing in college basketball … big schools play small schools and beat up on them for the first month or two before they finally play their real foes, their conference. I think it has become a custom to approach a schedule like this. However, is it the best idea?

I think that the best idea is to try hard to get into a pre-conference season tournament that may pin you against another big school, but will show you what your made of early in the year, i.e. UCONN in 2011. Look at what that team did, yes they might have struggled with the Big East, which is always known for kicking the you know what out of each other on a night in night out basis, but UCONN was able to win 5 games n 5 nights in one of the biggest stages in sporting history, Madison Square Garden. Then continued to march through the tournament and face a team with nearly an entire country behind it, YET AGAIN. So, I finish with a suggestion to you big school coaches and athletic directors … put some meat on that schedule in the beginning, yeah you look great beating up on schools, but what about what you’ll look like when it counts most. Those are my two cents and you should cash in on it!


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