The Little Franchise that Apparently Couldn’t

January 27, 2012 at 6:54 am Leave a comment

In all of the major market team sports, we would like to believe that the concept of “team” is truly applicable. No one man being greater than team, no single component being any more important than the next. This philosophy is preached to athletes as far back as the time when they were children. A truly great athlete can indeed make those around him better, amplifying the skills and prowess each competitor possesses, while masking some of their weaknesses. However, it was safe to assume that a bad team was remained a bad team with too many imperfections, regardless of the elite player on the team.

Well…..this year the popular belief was somewhat disproven, one player can make a huge difference. Peyton Manning’s season long absence turned an otherwise unchanged 2010 playoff roster into a 2-14 team. Reggie Wayne, a perennial pro-bowl receiver, looked pedestrian. There was no running game to speak of. The offensive line could not block. The defense could not play? The Indianapolis Colts were a complete and utter joke due to the absence of one man.

Jim Irsay did the right thing by gutting this franchise after this season. Changes needed to be made from top to bottom. This monumental disaster of a season, makes this franchise the biggest loser in sports for the year 2011.


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