Locker Rooms; Santonio Holmes’ Shouldn’t Be Green

January 27, 2012 at 5:57 pm Leave a comment

As fans, we generally only see what happens during the game. What happens behind the scenes is generally not seen or heard of, unless a reporter tells the public about it. Well, when these locker room issues become apparent when they are out on the field, you know there is a problem. In week 17 Santonio Holmes all but quit on the Jets season. A complete lack of effort, initiative, and character was shown when he was breaking his routes at half speed, and apparently not wanting the ball.

It has recently come to light that he was a problem in the locker room all season. Now I know before this Holmes was of such high character *cough cough* but after signing a 50 million dollar contract, one would tend to think that this selfish man would be appeased. This was not the case. Not only was he a parasite in the locker room, but his play was quite frankly sub-par. He needs to be removed from the team, and hopefully help out someone elses practice squad.


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