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The Madden Curse Kills Cover Boy’s Contract

I am not one, in any way shape or form, to believe in curses. However, when it comes to the Madden Curse, the numbers, stories, and injuries are far too convincing to dismiss. Being on the Madden Cover surely means misfortune for you that season. An odd candidate for the Madden Cover this season was Peyton Hillis. He had not done much during his days with Denver, but had a very good season in 2010. Why exactly he of all people got selected to be on this past years Madden Cover, I do not know. Well, after being on the cover, an injury and strep throat filled season left this hopeful back with negligible stats, and a lot of negative press. To make matters worse, Hillis was in a contract year. So not only was Hillis sidelined almost all year, he cost himself some money in the process. NBC Sports is reporting that the Cleveland Browns want Hillis to come back, but at a severely discounted price. It appears that unless his fortunes change next year, Peyton Hillis was just another one year wonder.


January 31, 2012 at 6:16 pm 3 comments

The Dark Knight Rises … or Falls?

So if you don’t think that “The Dark Knight Rises” is the most anticipated movie of the year, you should probably go take some medication or go review the first two movies of the trilogy. Yes I said two, because I believe that the first of this series is one of the most underrated movies of my generation.

This new Batman saga is more serious, dramatic and realistic than the ones that involved Keaton, Kilmer, and Clooney, and I honestly dig it. Michael Cain’s Albert is more personable and heartwarming like a butler who basically raised a child would be, rather than simply comic relief like the past one. And say what you want about Christian Bale, but he’s another underrated aspect about this saga. He’s one of the best actors in Hollywood in the sense of those who do not get the credit they deserve. Yes many would say he’s a terrible batman because of the voice alteration. Think about it … it’s like Superman and Clark Kent. All the guy does is take off his glasses and flicks a strand of his hair and nobody recognizes him? Back to Batman … Bruce Wayne is one of the wealthiest people in the world and you really think people won’t recognize his voice? So I applaud Bale and whoever else, probably the writer and director for telling him to alter the voice. It’s a voice get over it, listen to the other actors Michael Keaton’s voice wasn’t always the same.

Finally, to the point of my post … the newest and final installment. Who isn’t excited??? It’ll be tough to follow up the The Dark Knight where Heath Ledger, God rest his soul, gave his life to that role … heartbreaking to say the very least. But these first two movies have had it all character development, drama, action, and thrilling suspense. With the arrival of Bane, another underrated actor Tom Hardy, and unfortunately Catwoman, who knows what this next blockbuster will hold. But I can say one thing, usual when you include the Pittsburgh Steelers (yes they are uncredited extras as the Gotham Rogues) things get exciting in more than one way! This movie should and I expect it to, continue the essence of luster that the first two movies has produced. I know I will be there for the midnight premier and as should you.

Those are my two cents … cash it in if you wish!

January 31, 2012 at 12:52 am 2 comments

Vampire Genre…………..Change Back!!

The word Vampire nowadays, makes a viewer think of a broody, tortured soul. This has been at its peak since the Twilight books came out. Two television shows have spawned as well, from books which featured the “emo” vampire. The source material for the hit HBO series Trueblood, came from The Southern Vampire Mysteries, while CW’s The Vampire Diaries, came from a book series of the same name. We truly do however, have to credit Ann Rice’s work for the successful transition of vampires from being bloodthirsty monsters, to broody, tortured souls. This started with her first book Interview with a Vampire, which spawned a successful movie, planting the seed for the main demographic for vampire tales being female instead of male.

I do not believe that this will change anytime soon. Personally, I had high hopes for the movie Priest, but that turned out to be a huge let down. However, for those of you who like your vampires’ bloodthirsty, evil, and without remorse, 2011 did bring about some hope. The remake of the 1980s horror film Fright Night, displayed that Hollywood can still create these creatures of the night which we love to hate. I truly do miss the days where The Lost Boys, or From Dusk Till Dawn, were the norm for vampire films. At least I can say Trueblood and Interview with a Vampire are both well written and well acted. Twilight, at least the movies, are not well written or acted, and need to disappear.  For those of you waiting for Twilight to get off the silver screen, sit back with me, and be sure to ignore all of the emotions coming your way.

The “manly creatures of the night,” may return, but this emo, teen angst, and tortured soul vampire fad needs to end before this can happen.

January 30, 2012 at 9:29 pm 2 comments

Tom Coughlin

The opinion on this man has changed too many times to count. In the middle of this very season, Giant fans were saying Tom Coughlin should be fired. This chant has been present for quite some time amongst NY Giant fans. There has never been a man in sports, at least in my recollection, whose been so close to being run out-of-town one day, and being hailed as a hall of fame coach the next. This flip-flop in opinion happens quite often, and each time it seems equally perplexing. I am not sure if it deserved, or if the New York fans, and or media are just a very fickle group. Despite a few late season collapses, Coughlin won a Super Bowl with a team that probably should not have made it there to begin with. Granted it was with a different franchise, but Coughlin helped build the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise from scratch. This man’s body of work truly does speak for itself. Now with a possible second Super Bowl win a few days away, there really is no arguing the type of coach Tom Coughlin is.

One other major factor to consider, is that before Tom Coughlin came to the Giants, Tiki Barber was an adequate to sub par back. Barber also had a myriad of fumbling issues, which were not truly addressed throughout his career. Tom Coughlin helped change Tiki Barber’s carry, and soon turned Barber into an elite back for 3 seasons.

One final point I would like to make, is Coughlin had a rookie quarterback to deal with. That position has a very high bust factor, and it is a very delicate situation developing young ones. Tom Coughlin helped turn Eli Manning, into a top-tier quarterback in the league today.

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Hey Cards … “Stick it up your Pujols.”

After cheering and revering a guy for years for being pure and true to the game; backing him against any of the ‘roid debate that was brought his way. One of the best swings I have ever seen and a man who played the game it should be, moving positions for his team, always digging deepest when the impossible needed to be reached, and unlike many players had more than one “tool” to his name. This man is Albert Pujols.

The guy was a perfect baseball specimen, I mean they even made a SportsCenter commercial about him calling him the machine, and never was a commercial more true. He is a .325 career hitter, 445 home runs, over 1300 Rbis, a.k.a the guys a first ballot hall of famer.

But we come to this offseason and all I can say is ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?’ When I heard the unfortunate news all I could think was “He took the money??? He left them for the MONEY? Oh MY GOD!” I thought he was one of the few passionate ones who would never leave his team … but sure enough here we are thinking about American League juggernauts not necessarily named the Yankees or Red Sox. It’s always about the money these days and even the “purest” will go for the green. He left his teammates, his brothers, all of whom he just won a World Series with. He says that he didn’t think the Cardinals made the best offer and didn’t show as much interest. Are you kidding???? I will respect Pujols, but you will not see me rooting for him as a baseball fan as much anymore, because this is absurd. Yes, your manager retired, but that doesn’t mean you must abandon ship. But he did. And nobody is talking about it like everyone loathed the Lebron James move, but why? At least he went to another team and took a paycut to play with friends and FOR championships. Pujols took more MONEY and just won a championship, when this Angels team couldn’t make the playoffs.

Those are my two cents, cash it in if you wish!

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Biggest Story in the NFL….Tebow?

Conventional wisdom would say a quarterback, with horrible mechanics, terrible footwork, and a very slow release time would not be able to win games in the NFL.  NFL Conventional wisdom would also dictate that an offense in the NFL which ran “The Option” would not work. Did numbers from either of these light the world on fire? No. However this team won its division, won a playoff game, and made the Denver Broncos a national story. The Denver Broncos had not been a national story since John Elway. They were an afterthought, languishing in mediocrity since those two Super Bowl Wins. It almost became painful watching Mike Shanahan go through running back after running back, shortening their careers and disposing of them like a spoiled leftover fish. With Shanahan gone, two years pass, Tebow time launched in Denver.

Opinions on Tim Tebow seem to have no middle ground. Many, say he wins and should remain as a starter. Others say he is the worst starter in the NFL, and should not be a quarterback in the NFL. His teammates on the other hand, seem to rally around him and feed off the energy Tebow emits.  John Elway, certainly seems to be a member fo those who want to bring in a traditional pocket passer. Love him, or hate him, Tim Tebow was the biggest story in the NFL throughout the season, even with records being set by Drew Brees. At least until next season, Tim Tebow will continue to be a story, both highly scrutinized, and praised.

January 29, 2012 at 7:36 pm 2 comments

How maddening is march … really?

Think about it … every year we go through the same thing in college basketball … big schools play small schools and beat up on them for the first month or two before they finally play their real foes, their conference. I think it has become a custom to approach a schedule like this. However, is it the best idea?

I think that the best idea is to try hard to get into a pre-conference season tournament that may pin you against another big school, but will show you what your made of early in the year, i.e. UCONN in 2011. Look at what that team did, yes they might have struggled with the Big East, which is always known for kicking the you know what out of each other on a night in night out basis, but UCONN was able to win 5 games n 5 nights in one of the biggest stages in sporting history, Madison Square Garden. Then continued to march through the tournament and face a team with nearly an entire country behind it, YET AGAIN. So, I finish with a suggestion to you big school coaches and athletic directors … put some meat on that schedule in the beginning, yeah you look great beating up on schools, but what about what you’ll look like when it counts most. Those are my two cents and you should cash in on it!

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